Unleash the excitement with the 🔝TOP 10 Slots with Very High Volatility🤑🔥🎰

Unleash the excitement with the 🔝TOP 10 Slots with Very High Volatility🤑🔥🎰

by Svyat
August 01, 2023
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High-Risk, High-Reward: Top 10 Slots with Sky-High Volatility

Dear gambling enthusiasts and adrenaline lovers eager for new challenges and impressions!  Today we are glad to present you a unique selection — Top 10 slots with very high volatility. If you are ready to conquer virtual peaks and feel the real drive while playing, then these slots are definitely for you!


In this article, we will give you a fascinating overview of the most  breathtaking and risky slots, which are specially selected for those who are eager to experience the maximum potential for big payouts. Incredible adventures await you on the reels, where every spin can bring you stunning wins and unique emotions.


Each slot included in our top has been rigorously selected and tested by experts and experienced players. We are confident that the selection will offer you the best options among the very high volatility slots to satisfy your thirst for impressive gambling. Get ready for an incredible gambling adventure and try your luck with us!

Top 10 Very High Volatility Slots

1. Dead Canary

This interesting video slot from the company immerses players in a mining theme. In this exciting game, you will encounter a variety of symbols, including bold gnomes that will lead you into the underground world of mines.


The main bonus function of this slot is the Mining Wild, which brings blasting victories. When a wild symbol replaces other symbols in the centre, there is a real explosion of possibilities! This gives gamblers the opportunity to win impressive prizes and creates an intriguing gameplay experience. Another interesting game aspect is the free spins with canaries and treasure vaults. Hitting 3 scatter symbols triggers an impressive bonus round with Hold & Spin mechanics and the chance to collect coins and multipliers from neighboring symbols. Exploding bombs can also unlock vaults, providing impressive rewards at the end of the bonus round.


Dead Canary slot provides interesting opportunities for big wins that will appeal to new users and gambling experts alike. Travel to the underworld and explore its riches in this astonishing slot! The maximum multiplier in Dead Canary is x65000, making this slot one of those that have a high potential for big wins. In addition, the RTP range is 96.02%, 94.12, 92.11, which makes the game even more attractive for fans of mathematical probabilities.

Dead Canary Slot by NoLimit City

2. Origins

Origins, this recently released video slot from Stakelogic, will take you back to the prehistoric era with stone tools and primitive characters. The game offers 243 paylines as well as bonus functions such as Free Spins mode, Respins and the Super Stake feature. The visual style of the game brings it to life with a butoh animated movie from Pixar or Dreamworks. A variety of bonuses and intriguing gameplay make Origins appealing to players, and you'll be able to appreciate its potential in practice. 


Origins brings not only impressive gameplay but also the possibility of significant winnings. Thanks to the Super Hold feature, triggered by a full set of Super Hold symbols on the starting reel, you'll get 3 Respins with the possibility of additional spins. The free spins function gives you 10, 15 or 20 free spins if you succeed in collecting 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols respectively. During the bonus spins, the highlighted symbol turns into a "collector symbol" that collects earnings and increases the multiplier. The  interesting Super Stake and Buy Feature allow you to double your chances of activating bonus features for an additional bet. Go on the hunt in the prehistoric world of Origins and feel the excitement of big wins!


The maximum multiplier in Origins is x20,000 and the RTP is 96.01%, making this slot interesting for players looking for the possibility of high payouts and enjoyable to play for the long haul.

Origins Slot by Stakelogic

3. Pearl Harbor

This is a new video slot from NoLimit City. In this game, players will a trip back 80 years and take part in an epic battle that took place in Pearl Harbor. The setting of the game is based on a real historical battle and the player will plunge into the action of this conflict. You are given the opportunity to become one of the pilots and strive to shoot down as many enemies as possible and get your rewards.


Pearl Harbor has unique characteristics such as the Avalanche Feature, where symbols just drop on the screen! When a winning combination is created, the symbols in it explode, making room for a second avalanche of symbols that can lead to bigger prizes. The slot also features xBomb Wild Multiplier, Target, xSplit and Colossal Symbol, which add to the gameplay and create opportunities for multiplier wins.

Pearl Harbor video slot features cluster payout mechanics, 3 to 7 reels and rows, and extreme volatility. 


In addition, the maximum win multiplier is x41,127, creating the potential for big wins. The RTP is 96.21, 94.23, 92.14 and the win drop percentage is 19.31%. The game also offers various bonus features such as the Dogfight Feature, Tora! Tora! Tora! Tora! and Banzai Feature, which add to the fun and opportunity for big prizes. The game also functions the Nolimit Bonus feature, which allows gamblers to acquire different bonuses directly from the main game. All of this makes Pearl Harbor an interesting slot with the potential for an interesting gaming experience and big wins.


4. Winterberries 2

This slot from Yggdrasil is an updated and exciting slot that surpasses the original Winterberries version, which is considered outdated.The gameplay is as addictive as possible, and the quality of the graphics and sound effects are pleasantly surprising. Additionally, players get access to higher multipliers when activating Frozen Respins.


The slot offers intriguing gameplay with a diverse range of functions. Winterberries 2 has 20 paylines and the reels are presented in a 5-6 format with rows of 3. The RTP is possible in the following options: 96%, 94%, 90.5%, 86% and an average win frequency of 25.73%, which means that every 4 spins will be a win, which promises a dynamic gaming experience with goodchances of victory. High volatility makes the game tense and exciting, and a wide betting range from 0.1 EUR to 100 EUR (with Golden Bet feature - from 0.15 EUR to 150 EUR) allows players to choose size to suit their playing style.

The maximum win multiplier is a thrilling x10,000 and the maximum winnings go up to 1,000,000 EUR, making the slot attractive to those looking for big wins. Such features allow you to promote big wins and fuel the interest of the audience.

Winterberries 2 Slot by Yggdrasil

5. Money Train 3

This interesting slot has 40 paylines, offering high volatility and huge potential for big wins. The main interest of the slot lies in its spectacular bonus features and powerful multipliers. The RTP ranges from 96.1% to 90% and the frequency of winning combinations is 19.35%, which promises a dynamic gaming session with the possibility of big prizes. The main symbols represent the cars with jewels, skillfully crafted and adding to the atmosphere of a railroad journey. However, the real treasures of this slot lie in its bonus features. The first of these, the Respin Feature, offers the chance to activate re-spins with 'sticky' symbols, which can result in a lot of winning combinations. Then there's the Money Cart Bonus, which is activated with BONUS symbols and opens up a bonus round with Hold & Spin where you will be met with a variety of special symbols that will help increase your balance to unprecedented limits.


One of the most interesting features of the Money Train 3 game is the Buy Feature, which allows gamblers to purchase different rounds with different features and bonus values. From the Single Spin Feature to the Persistent Feature that guarantees play with permanent symbols, each option offers its own unique opportunities for big wins. The maximum win multiplier in Money Train 3 is an impressive x100,000 and the maximum winnings reach EUR 1,000,000. The combination of an interesting setting and impressive bonus functions make this slot attractive for players who want to experience the excitement and win big.

Money Train 3 Slot by Relax Gaming

6. Fishin' Christmas Pots of Gold

This is an intriguing slot from Gameburger Studios with a colorful setting that combines Irish luck, Christmas, and fishing. The main function is the unique Collect Feature, which allows gamblers to win prizes and jackpots when the Collect symbol appears on the reels.


Fishin' Christmas Pots Of Gold symbols include our familiar Lucky Lad Flynn dressed up as Santa Claus, creating a festive atmosphere and fun. Freespins provide additional winning opportunities, while the Accumulation Trail allows you to increase the multiplier for Cash Symbols and get extra free spins.


The maximum win multiplier is an impressive x15472.5, and the maximum win amount reaches 386812.5 EUR. The game promises an interesting adventure with the potential for big wins, while the exciting bonus features and unique setting make it a great choice for all lovers of excitement and diverse themes. The RTP (Return to Player) for Fishin' Christmas Pots Of Gold slot is 96%, 94.06%, 92.15% and 86.75%, depending on the version of the game.

Fishin' Christmas Pots Of Gold Slot by Gameburger Studios 

7. Sweet Rush Megaways™

This slot is an interesting addition to the mechanics of Megaways™. This game full of sweets takes players to a magical candy factory, where a variety of colorful and magical sweets await them, as well as cute little monsters that come to life on the reels. The game has a few impressive bonus features, just enough to add variety. Read our review to decide whether you want to play this slot or not. Sweet Rush Megaways promises an intriguing adventure with the potential for big wins. Megaways' unique mechanics create an exciting atmosphere, while the colorful bonus functions add variety to the gameplay. The maximum win multiplier is an impressive x12,960 and the maximum win amount is 259,200 EUR. This slot will suit all fans of  interesting adventures and diverse themes.


Despite these cute monsters, we shouldn't forget that the slot comes with extremely high volatility. The game features Multiplier Wilds x2 and x3, as well as a Free Spins feature in which the wilds remain in their positions until the end of the round, which will make it much easier to get your winnings. The RTP for Sweet Rush Megaways slot is 96.72%, making it attractive in terms of its potential for high payouts and an impressive gaming experience.

Sweet Rush Megaways™ Slot by BGaming

8. Potion Spells

This compelling video slot was released on January 27, 2023. This fascinating online slot takes players to a mysterious laboratory as if ripped straight out of a fantasy novel! Wooden walls and a brick chimney surround the place, creating an old-world atmosphere that is both intriguing and seductive. The laboratory is full of various potions, magical ingredients and mysterious artefacts, transporting players into a world of witchcraft and alchemy. Are you ready to take on the supernatural and dive into the world of potions with Potion Spells? Spin the reels and let the magic begin!


Potion Spells is an exciting video slot from BGaming, offering cluster payouts on 7 reels and 7 rows. With its high volatility and an amazing maximum win multiplier of x12,000, players can look forward to an impressive adventure with the possibility of big wins. With an Avalanche Feature, wild symbols, bonus games and advanced features like Backlit Symbols that add extra Wilds as well as a Progress Bar with Pot Bonus Game trigger feature, this slot promises to revitalize players' interest and give them a chance at big wins. For those who can't wait, there is a Bonus Buy feature with an RTP of 96.25% that unlocks access to the bonus game directly. Head into the magical world of Potion Spells and let the magic happen!

Potion Spells Slot by BGaming

9. Immortal Romance

This slot is an interesting video slot from Games Global (formerly known as Microgaming), released on December 5, 2011. This slot has become one of Microgaming's most successful products and continues to be popular with players around the world. It presents an exciting journey to a forbidden castle where secrets and secret romances are hidden. The wheels of the game are located in front of old windows, and the background music, combining a fantastic theme, lends itself to its mystery. Immortal Romance's features are surprisingly diverse: 243 paylines, high volatility and a potential maximum multiplier of x12,150 attract players, promising an impressive journey and big wins. Wild symbols and the Wild Desire feature, which activates up to 5 reels with Wild, add interest to the game. The main feature of the slot is "The Chamber of Spins", where by collecting different numbers of Scatter symbols, players get access to four different bonus games with their own unique rules such as multipliers, extra Wilds and multiple wins. Don't miss your chance to go on a vampire romance journey in Immortal Romance! It is important to note that the Return To Player (RTP) for Immortal Romance is 96.86%, 94.12%, 92.1%, and 89.98%

Immortal Romance Slot by Games Global

10. Blood and Shadow

Blood & Shadow is a spine-chilling slot game by NoLimit City that immerses players in a horrifying rite led by the Shadow Girl, a master of the forbidden arts seeking eternal youth. With 1024-3125 paylines and high volatility, Blood & Shadow offers a potential for massive wins. The RTP varies between 96.13% and 87.01%, depending on the version. Check the RTP in the casino before you start playing. The slot's main interest lies in its unique bonus features, including the Ritual Bar, which advances through Scatter Symbols and winning combinations, granting Candle Spins and Cursed Spins. During Candle Spins, Wilds become sticky until they form a winning combo, while Cursed Spins offer a 5x5 grid with only high-paying symbols and xSplit symbols that multiply winning combinations by 2. Additionally, players can buy specific features, such as advancing on the Ritual Bar or getting Cursed Spins directly.


Blood & Shadow offers a progressive multiplier that can reach x6,666 (Win over 100x Bet 1 in 914 spins), allowing players to increase their winnings up to impressive amounts. The maximum win in this slot is EUR 1,866,480, giving players the potential for big rewards and exciting prize combinations. The combination of a progressive multiplier and a high maximum win makes Blood & Shadow particularly attractive to those looking for a chance to get rich big and experience the thrill of playing this slot.

Blood & Shadow Slot by NoLimit City

Comparison of the Main Characteristics of the Top 10 Slots with Very High Volatility

Very High Volatility Slots

Main Characteristics

Dead Canary

RTP: 96.02%, 94.12%, 92.11%; Max Win: x65,000; Paylines: 36-1728; Features: Hold & Spin


RTP: 96.01%, 93.81%, 90.01%, 88.01%; Max Win: ; Paylines: 243; Features: Free Spins, Coin Collect, Hold & Spin

Pearl Harbor

RTP: 96.21%, 94.23%, 92.14%; Max Win: x41127; Paylines: Cluster Pays; Features: Hold & Spin, Giant Symbols

Winterberries 2

RTP: 96%, 94%, 90.5%, 86%; Max Win: x10,000; Paylines: 20; Features: Free Spins, Freezing Re-spins

Money Train 3

RTP: 96.1%, 94%, 90%; Max Win: x100,000; Paylines: 40; Features: Hold & Spin, Re-spin

Fishin' Christmas Pots of Gold

RTP: 96%, 94.06%, 92.15%, 86.75%; Max Win: x15472.5; Paylines: 10-20; Features: Free Spins, Coin Collect

Sweet Rush Megaways™

RTP: 96.72%; Max Win: x12,960; Paylines: 64-117649 (Megaways™); Features: Free Spins, 

Potion Spells

RTP: 96.25%; Max Win: x12,000; Paylines: Cluster Pays; Features: Avalanche, Giant Symbols, Symbol Swap

Immortal Romance

RTP: 96.86%, 94.12%, 92.1%, 89.98%; Max Win: x12,150; Paylines: 243; Features: Free Spins

Blood and Shadow

RTP: 96.13%, 94.03%, 92.04%, 87.01%; Max Win: x6,666; Paylines: x1024-3125; Features: Free Spins, Symbol Swap, Win Streak


Thus, each of these slots has its own unique thematics and features, which makes them different and allows players to enjoy impressive gaming sessions with a high potential for big wins.

We recommend players to use the slots from this top to experience the pleasure of playing  interesting gambling adventures and get a chance to win big. Get ready for impressive moments and thrilling winnings in the world of high volatility summer slots. Good luck and big wins!