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Catena Media bought 100% of stocks for distribution in the US


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Date: 10.05.2021
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Catena Media is a popular media Malta-based company that was established in 2012 and spread over the world just in some years. Nowadays it cooperates with many firms and in May 2021 declared about purchasing all the stocks in which is an online analytics enterprise that is characterized by sport rates and forecasts. Being a leader of potential customers identification, Catena Media has just killed two birds with one stone as the English say. It both received a reliable partner and increased its impact in the US betting market. The acquisition costs 39.6 million dollars. allowed paying partly during two years. The first contribution will be 25 million dollars in the primary deal process, the second 9.6 in 12 months after the bargain starts to function and the third 5 million dollars at the complete procedure.

If New York's authority brings official permission to make bettings in 36 months after the final stage of the transaction and a determined bar of income are achieved, further 500.000 dollars will also be given. It certainly implements new ways of Catena Media's position reinforcement as there are no serious arguments to terminate the commercial treaty. The companies integration was assigned on 4 May 2021. Partnership with an outstanding sports affiliate that represents National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League members' news, traumas, trophies, game-statistics and expands branches in Virginia and Michigan is very beneficial to Catena Media. set a trade record of about 7.5 million dollars from April 2020 to 30 April 2021 that constitute only 10% of Catena Media's whole proceeds. hasn't left any comment about the important event yet unlike Michael Daly who is a CEO or Managing Director of Catena Media:

"The attainment of shares amplifies Catena Media's status and capabilities in a feeding US sport rates market with additional items that are useful for our interaction. The deal furnishes an even more significant affiliation platform similar to which also specialises in national sports wagers. Catena Media will be supplied with diverse devices and enhance market boundaries in North America. A trader and founder of, Sam Shefrin will emphasize his strategy and industry to Catena Media being in a status of an exclusive consultant in our team. Altogether we'll continue to make efforts working for a successful future."

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