LeoVegas Takes a New Height

LeoVegas Takes a New Height

by Svyat
May 17, 2021
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Online casinos continue to make good profits. This is well known in New Jersey. Thanks to this, LeoVegas Group has reached a lucrative agreement in this American state and plans to offer its services to online users in early 2022.

Great Possibilities

There are restrictions on the online gaming industry in the United States, but this is not the case in New Jersey. In 2013, to the delight of many locals and visitors to the state, there was a great opportunity to access a great deal of gambling outside of the world-famous gaming zones of North America. Americans' interest in their favorite online games increases every year and brings substantial profits to the coffers of the state of New Jersey.

The multi-million dollar profits make New Jersey a leader in this area of the gaming industry, nationally. Many are discovering a new way to have an interesting pastime. LeoVegas is very happy to provide its services in the United States, where there is great potential for online entertainment. This is clear from the words of Leo Vegas International's bosses, who are pleased with the opening of a promising new area for their business.

Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Soon, American users will get the most innovative solutions in the online gaming industry. LeoVegas offers quality content based on the Rhino technical platform. It is not just a modeling program but an effective way to expand the sphere of design in the online casino format. Many well-known brands use Rhino which with the support of Google Cloud solves a lot of tasks. The popular platform is licensed in seven jurisdictions and has long proven its effectiveness.

Rhino offers gaming content directly from online casino providers as well as through aggregators. The services of one of the world's leading platforms are used by more than 30 companies that conduct various financial transactions. LeoVegas has its own Rhino platform, giving it a strategic advantage over more than 20 competitors that offer online services in New Jersey. LeoVegas has ambitious plans for its U.S. presence. One goal is to launch innovative, world-class games on mobile devices.