Yggdrasil, has unveiled its captivating aquatic adventure Atlantean GigaRise

Yggdrasil, has unveiled its captivating aquatic adventure Atlantean GigaRise

by Svyat
April 22, 2021
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The world's premier online gambling content owner, Yggdrasil, has unveiled its captivating aquatic adventure Atlantean GigaRise, offering a new technology for interacting with games.

GigaRise provides us with exciting new mechanics. The spinning reel rises up to a maximum of eight symbols per position at a time when special trident symbols appear, which quickly increase the number of winning opportunities to 32,768 and the winning potential itself.

In addition to the added GigaRise mechanic to Yggdrasil's content, the new game features an exciting jackpot mission where players explore an underwater palace.

The scattered Atlantean shells trigger a free spins system in which the reels are raised for high odds of winning. Numerous bonus games are also offered so that players can take advantage of their chances of winning large sums.

When the reel stops at maximum and the special trident symbol is positioned, the Ancient Mechanism opens, in which users can find copper, silver or gold keys, which will open the bonus chamber. If you activate the same reel twice in the free spin's mode, then the players will receive the coveted key.

The bonus chamber is full of jackpots. Players need to place the bonus symbol in the winning group to receive the corresponding jackpot. Jackpots stack with Yggdrasil's existing leader, the Jackpot Raiders, giving users a better chance of winning.

The new GigaRise mechanic in Yggdrasil Game Engagement Offer (GEM) includes Gigablox ™, Splitz ™ and MultiMAX ™. The GEM offer is available to all YG Masters co-owners who can use the mechanics to develop their own game.

Asko Heiskanen, Director of Games and Development at Yggdrasil, said: “Our product portfolio continues to grow with modern and exciting products, and we are very excited about the innovation of GigaRise. We continue to release active, industry-leading mechanics and hope that GigaRise will become another fan favorite.

The combination of the jackpot pool with the jackpot raiders gives you big prizes and allows co-op play between the very popular game and this innovation, giving our users more opportunities to win big than ever before. ”