The new game - Astroboomers: To the Moon

The new game - Astroboomers: To the Moon

by Svyat
April 26, 2021
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FunFairGames is a reputable provider of online games with a worldwide reputation. The use of unique systems allows the company to create original content that is popular among users. News-a bomb in the world of online gambling – the creation of a joint product FunFairGames and the Swedish company Betsson.

The new game-Astroboomers: To the Moon – is an exciting game that combines exciting action-packed gambling content. The game is available for both personal computers and mobile devices. You can feel the drive of adventure at the same time as earning real money. The minimum bid is only 10 cents. Winning depends on successful actions in the game.

The plot is as follows: The Earth is in danger, it is attacked by meteorites. The farmers step in. Astoboomer missiles shoot at enemy targets. This is a spectacular and exciting game.
Sometimes, in order to destroy a meteorite, the astroboomer must exit the ship. Here the player is waiting for a real danger. The meteorite can destroy the hero on a piece. Dexterity and experience will help the player to make a jump at the right time.

The quality of the jump determines the size of the win. An amazing opportunity – to raise the bid up to 2500 times. This is a real online game with casino elements. The excitement is enhanced by the fact that in the course of their actions, the player sees how the necessary actions are performed by other players, and how much they earn. There is the most serious risk – to lose the ship. This probability increases the excitement, excitement and makes the game even more exciting. The presentation starts on May 11. Untill that time you can exclusively play this game in Betsson group casinos: and

The new project has many advantages:
- This is the first unique product that combines two game formats;
- The combination of content allows to maximize the user audience. Here can be attracted both fans of online casinos and fans of bright action.
- Special success is guaranteed through participation in the Betsson Group project.
Paul Molt, an employee of the Betsson Group brand, expressed confidence that the new project – a multiplayer game - will definitely be a success. This is a very promising format.