Swedish Regulator Shows Serious Intentions

Swedish Regulator Shows Serious Intentions

by Svyat
April 27, 2021
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The Swedish Gambling Inspectorate (Spelinspektionen), established in 2019, continues to create a safe and regulated gambling market in the country, combating illegal gambling and providing social protection for legal gambling users. Recently, money laundering has been a serious problem in Sweden, and Spelinspektionen is cracking down hard on all attempts to circumvent the law.

LeoVegas Receives A Penalty

Malta-licensed mobile internet casino LeoVegas is well known to players in Sweden and beyond. Until recently, the service was considered disciplined under Swedish law, regularly providing relevant information by independent auditing companies and the best gaming content to its users. But at the end of 2019, Spelinspektionen's attention was drawn to the situation of the site's 15 highest winnings customers.

Later, the claims remained against 11 holders of high winnings with suspicions of illegal operations. The fact is that these individuals were found to have various violations related to the personal data on the LeoVegas gaming resource. There was an attempt to launder money. Following an investigation and despite the company's explanations, Spelinspektionen issued a warning and ordered Leo Vegas to pay a fine of SEK 2 million.

There Are Questions For ATG

The ATG gaming portal has a serious audience in the Swedish kingdom. The game site has always provided reliable information about its activities to the regulatory authorities. Users, too, we're satisfied with the service, getting an authentic casino experience with a wide range and generous bonuses. It was ATG's bonus program that interested the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate.

In addition to the well-known online casino policy with deposit bonuses, the site offered a more extensive bonus program on the purchase of special bingo cards, which goes against some of the conditions for gaming sites concerning fair competition without excessive incentives for players. As a result, the company was fined SEK 2 million and pledged not to violate established business rules.