Promising partnership of Ezugi and Sisal

Promising partnership of Ezugi and Sisal

by Svyat
April 28, 2021
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The bright news in the world of online casinos in 2021 is the partnership of two sharks of the gaming business. Thanks to an agreement between the game manufacturer Ezugi and the world-famous casino Sisal. Now Ezugi products are available for fans of online casino games.

Sisal is the largest betting company in Italy. Now it is a prestigious casino brand, a gaming club that works with high-class providers. This game club has more than 1500 games, a great modern platform and an attractive bonus system.

Thanks to these qualities of a partner, the largest provider Ezugi has chosen to expand the scope of the Italian gaming market.
Within a week, the first fruits of a promising and reliable partnership between the two giants appeared
* The roulette with live dealers on the Sisal platform has been launched;
* Planning a project to launch two popular games: blackjack and punto banco on the portal Sisal.
Rais Bus, territorial manager of Ezugi, highly appreciates the prospects of this cooperation, and speaks positively about the development of the Italian gaming market.
Statistics report data on the fantastic growth dynamics of the Italian casino industry. In 2020, this figure was more than 40 percent.

It is noteworthy that the company Sisal has a long history. It was formed in 1945. The wide popularity of Sisal is not only related to the casino industry. It is also the largest lottery operator. There are about thirty-nine thousand retail outlets of this network in the world.
The company is constantly improving its system. New payment methods are being integrated into the platform. One of the recent innovations is the ability to top up your deposit with the SafeCharge payment system. Thanks to the implementation of this system, Sisal has further increased its credibility in the eyes of its customers.
Eguzi is also widespread all over the world – it is known in Latin America, Asia. The scale of distribution and popularity of both companies indicates that the partnership between them will give excellent results.

We can expect that the cooperation of Ezugi and Sisal will offer fans of online games a new high-quality unique product.