PRAGMATIC PLAY has made its partnership with RGT stronger by adding LIVE CASINO

PRAGMATIC PLAY has made its partnership with RGT stronger by adding LIVE CASINO

by Svyat
April 22, 2021
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PRAGMATIC PLAY has made its partnership with RGT stronger by adding LIVE CASINO, ensuring the growth of the Latin American gambling market.

PRAGMATIC PLAY new offering, Live Casino, will further expand this provider's presence in the Latin American expanse.

As a leading provider of gaming content for the entire gaming industry, the company has implemented all Live Casino products. This was done together with Royal Gaming Technology (a Latin American operator).

Pragmatic Play added slot machines to its catalog of content at the end of December 2020. Having gone through a smooth integration process, Live Casino has been added to the list of the company's main offerings.

Now every RGT client has access to any game from Pragmatic Play, including the best of them. This includes the most popular games, Mega Wheel, as well as Mega Roulette. Also classic games: Blackjack, Roulette and many others. In addition, the company will be showcasing its latest game, Dragon Tiger.

This addition underlines the simplicity of expanding and scaling Pragmatic Play offers on several products at once: the company has the ability to quickly and smoothly add more verticals thanks to a single API solution.

As the vice president of Latam Operationsat Pragmatic Play, voiced that the application of the whole Live Casino portfolio together with RGT proves the fact that the players of the Latin American market there is a great desire and craving for any game.

Conducting a smooth process of integration of each vertical proves the fact of the limitless possibilities of Pragmatic Play as a business. The company aims to continue the expansion phases throughout the Latam region. With the availability of Live Casino games for RGT, a huge step has been taken to introduce this vertical across the continent.

As the CEO of RGT, explained that RGT has been a huge success with this partnership. There was a significant increase in the popularity of the entire portfolio of games. In addition, Live Casino was a qualitative addition to the proposal from RGT. Very soon, this proposal will be added to the Virtual Sports lineup.

It was also noted that due to the unified API, adding new verticals was quite an easy task. The company looks forward to continuing the increased demand for the products.

At the moment, Pragmatic Play is releasing recently developed slot games in the number of up to 5 games per month. The company is also giving its players access to Live Casino and Bingo games, which are part of a whole portfolio of games with multiple products that are accessed through one API.