Microgaming contracts with GONG Gaming Technologies

Microgaming contracts with GONG Gaming Technologies

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April 14, 2021
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Microgaming's contract with GONG Gaming Technologies for the supply of gaming content has significantly strengthened its position in this branch

Having presented a fresh line of its games in April this year, Microgaming has already managed to sign a lucrative contract for the supply and selection of gaming content with GONG Gaming Technologies, which also develops innovating software for online casino sites.
I wonder what GONG Gaming Technologies can still be called a newcomer to its branch since it was founded only in 2020, but its entire team is professional game software developers, whose average experience is already about 20 years. There are already many completed projects of the Premium class behind their shoulders, which have had a resounding success.

GONG Gaming Technologies Team Portfolio
Of course, this is still a very young project to publicly declare itself, but if you pay attention to such new games as Pirate's Quest, for example, or at least Skulls Heap, which have already collected a lot of positive reviews, then we can already talk about her high creative potential.
Therefore, investors and all business partners of this company have the right to pin great hopes on its development.
In particular, Andrew Booth, director of the Micrograming Game Department, noted that his company is very pleased with this cooperation.
Primarily this is facilitated by interesting and innovative projects with captivating stories, which GONG Gaming Technologies is rapidly bringing to the market.
Andrew Booth also expressed some enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that their partner's creations have a strong mathematical logic based on their innovative content. Therefore, according to him, the potential of the company in the future should only increase, which will inevitably lead to even brighter and more interesting artwork. Therefore, it also will be quite profitable and for Micrograming, on whose platform these projects will be implemented.
In this case, we are talking about the game Hellish Gladiator, which is dedicated to the era of Ancient Rome and should be available on the online Micrograming platform.
This game is a not large video slot-reel set in the dazzling Colosseum, with a gladiator watching it in the background. Like many other similar games, it is filled with its own jokers, free spins, and other similar functionality. This version of the game will be available not only on PC but also on mobile devices.r

Cooperation prospects look quite bright
According to Dima Farbman (CEO of GONG Gaming Technologies and its concurrent co-founder), the main goal of his company is to create fresh, exciting, and high-quality games. Therefore. the company always welcomes any useful innovation and cooperation in its field.
Of course, the company is very pleased with the good reviews about its successful projects – Pirate's Quest, Skulls Heap. Therefore, her team is also pleased with the future cooperation with the Microgaming team.