Innovative Solution From Videoslots Evokes Team Spirit

Innovative Solution From Videoslots Evokes Team Spirit

by Svyat
April 18, 2021
All rights reserved

As it became known, after one year of painstaking work, the developers at Videoslots are launching a unique feature in their Battle of Slots space. The so-called Pool Play gives visitors to the gaming portal the opportunity to discover multiplayer mode. This is a chance for the players to unite, create their own teams, and as a result, get bigger rewards.

Features Of Pool Play

Gaming enthusiasts are well aware of the exciting progressive jackpot offers from reputable gaming software manufacturers, but Videoslots offers a radical new solution. Now a combined team of players can have a common cash pool. Each player can purchase a Buy-In of any amount and decide all financial matters together within the team. The social focus of this project is perfect for playing generous slots like Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah, which have been recording millions in winnings for years.

Importantly, the developers have addressed the issue of transparency in the innovation, with each player seeing who is participating and being able to terminate the game at any time at their discretion and withdraw their money. A team game in this format should not burden the players with any additional responsibilities, but should instead create a more comfortable environment for the game. The Pool Play project is still in the early stages of implementation and is not available on most slots, but these are temporary difficulties. Videoslots bosses claim that the feature will soon be a real hit and will be coveted by anyone hoping to hit the jackpot.

The Game Gets More Interesting

Videoslots company makes a bet on a team game, offering users a qualitatively new solution for bigger winnings. Pool Play opens up new horizons for players, creates communication, and offers higher jackpot chances for everyone as part of a team. You must agree that sometimes you want to chat, show your emotions and share your opinions during a game. This is why there is a new feature that allows players to use the dedicated chat panel, engage in dialogue, develop a strategy and enjoy the process.