Fresh novelty from Red Rake Gaming - Tommy Gun's Vendetta

Fresh novelty from Red Rake Gaming - Tommy Gun's Vendetta

by Svyat
April 22, 2021
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One of the most modern casino game providers, Red Rake Gaming, has announced a new addition to its product line. So, meet 6x10 reels, free spins, three accumulators with a mini-game - and all this in the new video slot. There is also the function "1 Million Ways to Win".

What is the novelty about? Another attempt to imagine what the post-apocalypse will look like. The country is in turmoil after a tough war, the city is dominated by a street gang. At the head of this gang is Tommy.

How can you get big winnings? The secret of this is the group leader's brass knuckles, knife and pistol. These symbols are capable of breaking other symbols. And in this way, you can really qualify for a large bonus.

Want to increase your panel percentages? Of course, this can be done after each spin. How to do it? Look for symbols of tobacco, drink, or gold.

Look closely at the panel - there is a progress bar. As soon as it is full, you will receive a nice bonus, a mini-game. Here again, familiar symbols - tobacco, gold or a drink, but this time they can bring quite tangible profit. Want more? Look for the symbols x2, x3, x5. This is exactly how many times your winnings will be increased.

One of the nice bonuses is the free spins option. It is quite simple to get access to it - you need to connect 5 or more respins. Watch the bonus panel - as soon as all the elements on it are activated, free spins will be available. The more winning combinations, the faster you will get access to free spins. The first package consists of 10, further increase is possible up to 20.

Thus, the new product from the suppliers is a great slot machine that has everything you need to captivate players. This is both a vigorous soundtrack and a bright, memorable design. For excitement in the game - everything that can be combined in one machine: weapons, money, tobacco, drinks.

The Tommy Gun's Vendetta slot was released on April 22. Some players are more fortunate - the pre-release took place on April 8, and became quite successful, despite the very limited number of operators allowed for the pre-release. If you love the Red Rake Gaming tournament, meet the novelty in this format as well. Because there is never a lot of excitement.