Fast Track has announced a partnership with GIG

Fast Track has announced a partnership with GIG

by Svyat
April 14, 2021
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Fast Track has announced a partnership with GIG


GIG is a company providing cloud solutions, platform services and marketing solutions. The company supplies any services in the field of online gaming software. They are also has access to the stock exchange. Rizk and Guts casinos were managed by the company.


Fast Track services include providing tools to automate processes, personalize and interact at all times, and reduce manual workload.


Fast Track offers:


  • Combine data into a common system and the right process
  • Providing multichannel and automated capabilities beyond other platforms
  • Increase operational productivity
  • Scale quickly and securely.


According to Fast Track CRM's announcement, it entered into a partnership with GIG, which resulted in a commitment to support GiG operators.


Fast Track has gained access to GiG's gaming platform. The goal of this process is to support operators in the marketplace, integrate major payment methods, and improve interaction between players.


Operators have the ability to customize a personal brand with game providers, to access a huge selection of content, and to obtain and provide statistics about consumers.


Christopher Hirst one of Fast Track's founders put it this way: "Fast Track and GiG are state-of-the-art companies with technology at their core. One of the most important aspects of GiG is the flexibility that it has with its data, which is an extension of Fast Track."


"We are very interested in interacting with GiG. The main benefit we get is the constant provision of value to our mutual partners, so they are very much looking forward to a formalized partnership."


GiG's Director of Business Development, Martin Collins, voiced that: Fast Track provides a tremendous amount of knowledge on these industries and gives operational excellence and value to their clients through their own excellent platform.


"Partnering with one of the leading providers of quality solutions provides a great opportunity for GiG and helps further provide excellence for all customers. Our company is excited to welcome Fast Track."