Fast Track collaborates with DoubleUp to provide players with quality products

Fast Track collaborates with DoubleUp to provide players with quality products

by Svyat
April 20, 2021
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Fast Track has struck a deal in which it will provide its own CRM solution aimed at attracting players for new operator DoubleUp Group.
Pragmatic Solutions is the right platform for the recently launched online casino brand to take full advantage of Fast Track CRM.

Fast Track will begin its work with DoubleUp, it aims to implement steps to attract a huge number of players to the newly launched online casino brand - all happening right now. The online casino will be based on Pragmatic Solutions, and the release date is scheduled for next month, in May to be exact.

The mission of DoubleUp Group is to simplify the user experience. By using its own experience, the company finds a way to make games more enjoyable and provide positive emotions to its players in every situation. The brand, which is about to launch, is intuitive.

A DoubleUp Group representative said that Fast Track was chosen as a partner based on the fact that it provides a flexible solution that can guarantee dynamic interaction, which is vital in order to generate a flow of emotions and fun for players. A DoubleUp Group representative stated that they want to maximize their potential without any limitations. They don't want to be limited to a few tools, but to use any available methods for development. In such a situation, Fast Track is able to provide a guarantee of freedom and maximum involvement in the game.

A Fast Track representative said the company has a lot in common with DoubleUp. Fast Track always looks at the fact that any product or process can be improved, there is no point in standing still, development ensures forward movement. DoubleUp has huge ambitions for its own brand, and Fast Track is ready to support and help it succeed.

Fast Track will help launch DoubleUp Group with its own platform. These measures are designed to start interacting with players now, allowing for full CRM automation, and to scale effectively as the brand grows. It includes the ability to use an internal Fast Track solution for notifications, player engagement.