Extra safety for gamblers: PlayOJO launches SafeMate

Extra safety for gamblers: PlayOJO launches SafeMate

by Svyat
April 22, 2021
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PlayOJO – a well-known online casino and bingo platform – announces the launch of a new security tool called SafeMate. The technology is based on Neccton's mentor protection program and is developed in order to help the customers avoid a potential problem gambling. As a result, the users of PlayOJO living in the UK, Sweden and Spain can take advantage of a groundbreaking tool that indicates the signs of addiction to gambling.

SafeMate is a tool that lets the players see how much money they have spent on the site of PlayOjo and to monitor the amount of money that was deposited and withdrawed during past six months. There are two reasons of the usage of this option: prevention of addiction to gambling among the customers and uphold of the platform's reputation of a fair online casino.

To ensure an efficient problem gaming prevention, SafeMate was designed with the involvement of professional psychologists and data scientists. The tool processes users' data, analyses the changes in their behavior and determines risk patterns in order to detect the signs of possible dependence. SafeMate acts like a friendly personal assistant towards all the visitors of the site: it shows statistics of their health score and politely informs them if there are some changes in their conduct.

The health statistics and data analyse aren't the only functions of SafeMate. It also gives users an opportunity to compare the time they think they have spent on PlayOJO with the actual spent time. If the player enters into risk category by behavior, an immediate support, communication and personal feedback will be provided.

According to PlayOJO head of brand Peter Bennett, the online casino is honoured of being considered fair and it will do its best to keep finding new innovative methods to ensure a safe play to customers.

Dr Michael Auer, director of Neccton who participated in the development of SafeMate, said that he recognized the importance of healthy habits for gamers, and also that he appreciated the attitude of PlayOJO operators towards the players.

Soon SafeMate will be available for every customer of PlayOJO in Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. For now the platform already has some other responsible gambling tools, such as round-the-clock support, account self-estimation system, time limits and financial accessibility checks.