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General Information
Game Type: Slots
Provider: Play'n Go
RTP: 96.51%, 94.51%, 91.49%, 87.5%, 84.51%
Hit frequency: N/A
Bonus / Freespins Frequency: N/A
Reels: 7
Lines: N/A
Rows: 7
Release Date: 24.10.2017
Volatility: High
Demo Play: Yes
Branded: No
Last Updated: 19.01.2023
Bets & Wins Information
Min Coin Value: N/A
Max Coin Value: N/A
Min Coins per Line: N/A
Max Coins per Line: N/A
Min Bet Value: 0.2 EUR
Max Bet Value: 100 EUR
Max Win Multiplier: x4570
Max Win Value: 457000 EUR
Game Features
Avalanche Feature
Cluster Pays
Giant Symbols
Random Wilds
Remove Symbol
Symbol Swap
Win Streak Bonus
Symbols Information
Number of Symbols: 8
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: No
Mystery Symbol: No
Bonus Symbol: No
Multiplier Symbol: No
Prize Symbol: No
Jackpot Information
Progressive Jackpot: No
Local Jackpot: No
About game


Reactoonz is a video slot from Play ‘n Go that was released on December 24, 2017. The game has a space theme, but it is nothing like you would anticipate it to be in any way, shape, or form. The content provider made the decision to give everything a cartoonish appearance, and the aliens that you would ordinarily envisage seem like adorable little animals instead. They also included pretty amazing music to the game that works extremely well with the overall tone of the game. It has music that is heroic and has an air of enchantment about it, and when winning combinations occur, you can also hear noises made by the aliens that are very little. The backdrop shows nothing really intriguing; it's simply a bunch of black space with a few stars scattered here and there. Because of this, the bright symbols are able to truly shine out and create a contrast that is very pleasing to the eye. You will be able to see a somewhat larger extraterrestrial named Gargantoon to the side of the reels. He will also welcome you with a grin and will be the cause of numerous wins while you are playing. The game uses relatively basic symbols that are fairly straightforward. They consist of several aliens of varying colors and sizes. You can determine whether or not it is worth your time and money to play this slot machine by reading our review. 

Reactoonz Video Review

Reactoonz General Characteristics

1. Cluster Pays

2. 7 reels and7 rows 

3. Volatility: High

4. RTP: 96.51%, 94.51%, 91.49%, 87.5%, 84.51%

5. Bet amount 0.2 EUR - 100  EUR

6. Maximum Win Multiplier  x4,570

7. Maximum Win Value 457,000 EUR

8. 8 main symbols

9. Additional symbols: Wild Symbol

Reactoonz Bonus Features

Cascading Reels. When you get a winning combination while playing this slot machine, the symbols that were part of the winning combination will vanish, and the symbols that are above them will 'cascade' down to fill the empty spaces, while new symbols will emerge. This process will continue until there are no more winning combinations to form.

Gargantoon. There is a possibility that the Gargantoon will drop between 4 and 8 wild symbols into the grid on any first spin that does not result in a win. When the Quantum line reaches the Gargantoon, a wild monster with a size of 3x3 emerges on the screen. This monster may replace any other symbol. Each cascade causes the Gargantoon to split off and proceed in a different direction. At first, it transforms into two 2x2 wild symbols, and then it splits into 9 separate wild symbols. Before each move made by the Gargantoon, more symbols are dropped from above, filling up the grid.

Quantum Leap. When winning, the charge increases. After a player has won on 25 different symbols, a random Quantum feature is introduced to the line. There is room for up to 4 Quantum features in a row. The Gargantoon function will be unlocked after the fifth time you charge. The Quantum feature(s) in the line will activate when there are no more winning combinations possible. When all of the lined-up Quantum features have been activated and there are no more winning combo possibilities, the round of the game is over.

Quantum Features. Here is the list of those feature and their descriptions:

 - Implosion. Changes between 3 and 6 symbols into wild symbols while also removing all symbols in the immediate vicinity to them.

 - Demolition. Deletes all symbols with a single eye as well as any symbols that match.

 - Incision. Cuts a wild symbol in the middle of the grid and two intersecting diagonal lines that go through the rest of the grid. The same random symbol will be shown on both lines.

 - Alteration. Selects a single symbol with one eye at random, and any other symbols that match it are transformed into another symbol.

 - Wild. There is no impact from the Quantum characteristics on wild symbols. Fluctuation and Quantum Features are the only places where Wilds may make an appearance.

Giantoonz. When 4 normal symbols that match each other are next to one another in a square shape, an automated Giantoonz is formed. When part of a winning combination, Giantoonz contribute to a win that is multiplied by two. 

Fluctuation. In each spin, a single arbitrary kind of one-eyed symbol is designated as the fluctuating symbol. If any of the highlighted symbols contribute to a winning combination, they will remove one of the wild symbols, leaving you with a total of 2 wild symbols. 

Our Experience Playing Reactoonz

When we launched the game, we were met with music that was in no way scary and a reelset that looked charming and included a variety of alien creatures. Since we were interacting with extraterrestrials, we anticipated the atmosphere to be more ominous. We have played similar slots before, and wanted to see how this one was different from them. Because the majority of us gamblers play these types of slot machines in the hopes of winning a significant amount of money, we came to the conclusion that it was quite important to evaluate how effectively the machine functioned in terms of the rewards it delivered.  In order to accomplish this goal, we resorted to our regular strategy, which included placing a deposit of 200 Euros, lowering the stake to 1 Euro, and playing the game for something in the vicinity of 300 spins. We had just started our first one hundred spins when all of a sudden, thanks to the incredible Quantum Features as well as the Giantoonz bonus, we scored a huge win that was worth 84.80 times our initial wager. The remaining spins were not as spectacular as the previous ones, but we did continue to get winnings that ranged from half to three times the amount that we had wagered. Because of this, after the first try we were able to come out ahead by the equivalent of 65 Euros. The second one hundred spins were quite similar to the first one hundred spins, with the only difference being that the greatest payout that we came across was only 15 times the amount that we had initially wagered. This was once again the result of the bonus features that were included into the game. Despite the fact that that particular effort was not particularly fruitful, we were still in the black by the amount of 29 Euros. During our last one hundred spins, the aliens got more enticing to us, and because to those extra features once again, they provided us a couple of fantastic winnings of 48 and 59 times the stake, respectively, which more than made up for our previous losses. After a total of 300 spins, we ended up earning 89 Euros and were fairly pleased with the way that our testing experience went overall.


After playing this slot for about 50 minutes, it proved to be a quite interesting one in terms of entertainment and payout potential. Bonus features that this slot provides is the main source of great wins, since there is no Free Spins bonus round in the game. However, this time we got lucky, but who knows what is going to happen to you since this slot has a high degree of volatility? Keep that in mind, and know when to quit playing, because it can either make or ruin your bankroll rather quickly. If I were you, I would give this slot a shot. Good luck and have fun!

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