Play Free Demo of Roadkill Slot by NoLimit City

Play Free Demo of Roadkill Slot by NoLimit City


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General Information

Game Type Slots
Provider NoLimit City
RTP 96.05%, 94.11%, 92.07%, 87.11%
Hit frequency N/A
Bonus / Freespins Frequency 0.42%
Reels 5
Lines 99
Rows 3
Release Date 07.11.2023
Volatility High
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 08.12.2023

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value N/A
Max Coin Value N/A
Min Coins per Line N/A
Max Coins per Line N/A
Min Bet Value 0.2 EUR
Max Bet Value 100 EUR
Max Win Multiplier x11091
Max Win Value 1109100 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 10
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol No
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot No

Roadkill Slot Review

The Roadkill video slot exploits a quite tragic theme of animal death under the wheels of hillbilly drivers not attentive due care about forest fluffy's lives. So the last ones decided to strike back, using all the power of their gang, starting with Berserk Bear and finishing with a little yet cunning & agile rabbit.


Who will win here depends just on you. Spin the reels and enjoy their uncompromising confrontation, counting your income and enjoying good-looking & maximally animated gameplay. There is just one bonus game in this slot that can bring a lot of prizes due to the four stages. And the more enhanced the level is, the more your chances to get a much bigger win, including the biggest one of x11,091.


Here is a 5x3 grid play, 99 fixed pay lines, and High volatility. All the other details are in the following.

Roadkill General Characteristics

  • 99 Connected Paylines
  • 5 reels and 3 rows 
  • High Volatility 
  • RTP: 96.05%, 94.11%, 92.07%, 87.11%
  • Bonus / Free Spins Frequency: 0.42% (1 in 239 spins)
  • Win x100 bet:  0,14% (1 in 734 spins)
  • Bet amount: 0.2 EUR - 100 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x11,091 (1 in 25 M spins with the 96.09% RTP option)
  • Maximum win value: 1,109,100 EUR
  • 10 main symbols
  • Additional symbols: Scatter, Jumping Wilds

Roadkill Bonus Features

There are a lot of bonus features in this slot to discuss. Take your time to attentively explore those since they may seem too complicated compared to functions you used to catch before in most video slots. Before you feel ready to stake real money, it is worth playing this slot in the demo mode first. So, let's dive into explanations!

Connected Paylines

Roadkill uses the mechanic of connected win lines, which implies prizes are counted only for paying sequences, starting from the leftmost (1st) reel, out of a minimum of 3 identical pics on consecutive reels in the same row or, at least, on adjacent ones. Balance is credited by only the most valuable cash prize for the lengthiest combination on the current pay line.


These are non-payable special symbols, triggering Call to Arms & Team Assemble features. Just 2 of them activate the Call To Arms bonus function with 2 normal hearts available, while 3 begin the Team Assemble bonus game.

Scatters Symbol

Call To Arms

It’s a Hold & Win feature that lasts until the top-left scale above the playfield has no more hearts. Its gameplay includes 2 jumping Wilds and the Green hillbilly car. If the third Scatter hits the playfield during respins, the Team Assemble feature starts, restoring all three normal hearts if some are already absent.

Call To Arms Feature

Team Assemble

It activates through a base game or the Call To Arms feature, thanks to 3 Scatters on the playfield. This one mode proposes all 3 normal hearts. This time, 3 jumping Wilds are partaking in the play, plus Billy's Red car, making its quick zoom across the grid during each 5th respin. Hilly's green car will also still be spreading havoc and death here. If all three Jumping Wilds have been upgraded, a Junkyard Assault bonus game starts.

Team Assemble Feature

Junkyard Assault Screenshot

Junkyard Assault

This mode plays with 3 armored double-strength hearts. Moreover, Billy's Red car is going for every respin, just like the Green one. Also, there is a single total collector, activating the Roadblock feature every time it gets filled up.

Junkyard Assault Feature

Junkyard Assault Screenshot


To fill the total collector, reap precisely 20 hit points. After you’ve got these, payouts are made, absent hearts are restored by the normal ones, while every Jumping Wild shifts to the centrally positioned reel and expands, occupying all the tiles of a corresponding row, which allows them all together to cover in this way the whole Battle Area. Wilds are always in this strict top-down order — Fred the Rabbit, Deer Joe, and, finally, Papa Bear.


During the following spin, Hilly & Billy's cars run into just one randomly chosen Jumping Wild, maybe even the same. After these cars have been stopped, those Wilds transform into one giant 3x3 Wild. Striking every Jumping Wild triggers the corresponding function:

  • Fred the Rabbit adds a Wild in a random place on the 5th reel.
  • Deer Joe splits the 5th reel's rows.
  • Papa Bear adds to 3x3 Wild an x2 multiplier.

After the payout, 3x3 Wild again divides back to regular Jumping Wilds, the collector resets to 0, and Junkyard Assault mode continues.

Roadblock Feature

Jumping Wilds

Within the so-called Battle Area (2 - 4 reels) are jumping just 3 Wilds, each with its abilities. Let’s learn what exactly they are.

Papa Bear

There are multiple things you need to know about Papa Bear Jumping Wild:

  • Enables a general multiplier whose max value is x5.
  • During every 2nd respin, Papa Bear moves for 1 step in a randomly chosen direction.
  • Blocks cars only one time, taking up to 2 hit points.
  • Each time it stops a car, Papa Bear's collector value and the general multiplier grow +1 more.
  • When the general multiplier is x5, Papa Bear gets a permanent x2 multiplier.

Papa Bear Feature

Deer Joe

This Split Jumping Wild also has enough specialties:

  • It moves 1 step in a random direction for each respin.
  • Blocks cars only one time, causing damage of 1 hit point.
  • Slices paying symbols on the same row in the direction from where a hillbilly car has arrived.
  • If its collector gets all 5 hit points, Deer Joe will be slicing all the rows now.

Deer Joe Feature

Fred The Rabbit

This Trapper Jumping Wild makes its revenge according to these rules:

  • Rabbit leaps in any place inside the Battle Area.
  • Capable of blocking cars numerous times, damaging them on 1 hit point per time.
  • After having blocked a car, Rabbit leaves behind Wild in its current position, simultaneously jumping onto a random tile.

Fred The Rabbit Feature

If Rabbit's collector gets its max of 5 points, there are additional rules applied:

  • Making jumps, Rabbit leaves behind a trap in its previous position.
  • The trap blocks a car once, creating Wild if it has been successfully stopped.
  • If this trap isn't used, it is removed before respin stops.


Unlike the Junkyard Assault mode, within the Call to Arms & Team Assemble, there are distinct collectors for every Jumping Wild. And the related collector's values increase each time an animal stops a car. When a collector gets 5 points, the corresponding Jumping Wild upgrades, making one of the present normal hearts armored. If any of those is absent, that armored one is added from the left side of the scale.

Collectors Feature

Hilly & Billy Cars

There are just 2 distinct types of cars here, differentiating by the quantity of hit points and by others. Green car has 1 hit point and appears 1st on every respin. Red car has 2 hit points. During the Team Assemble feature, it comes in on each 5th respin. Within the Junkyard Assault mode comes in on every single respin.


Both cars start their way across the play grid from the right side on a randomly chosen row. If they still have hit points, for the second time, they would cross the playfield beginning from the left side, again using an accidental row. If, during both, the car successfully gets through the grid without stopping or at least getting damaged, one normal heart disappears, or the armored one turns back into regular.

Hilly & Billy Cars Feature

Bonus Buy Feature

There are 3 bonus options allowed you to purchase:

  • Team Assemble Bonus (x60).
  • Junkyard Assault Bonus (x500).
  • Lucky Draw (x200).

Bonus Buy Feature

Our Experience Playing Roadkill

So, let’s start our traditional video slot test drive that will show us how generous Roadkill is. We used €200 for this goal during a 300-spin gambling session, betting €1 stake per spin.

Within those first 100 spins, we had 27 regular wins, including 20 that were less than the initial bet. Their amounts ranged from €0.1 to €20.5. Also, we got three activations of the Call To Arms feature. Those earned us a total €34.1. As a result, the balance amount after the 100th was €196.15.

During the following 100 spins, our biggest base game win was just €4. There were 15 winning spins, 13 of which didn’t make us even €1. The Call To Arms feature also brought only €7.8. So, after the 200th spin, there was just €115.95 on the balance.

The last 100 spins became the luckiest thanks to the much more generous Call To Arms feature that earned us €173.35. But due to the previous lack of money on the balance and not frequent base game prizes, since there were only 13 wins with ten that were lower than €1, the final result isn’t that impressive — just €205.35.

So, in conclusion, don't be surprised by not that lucrative base game — due to the prevalence of low payments and a High variance, its profit isn't that remarkable. Just wait for the bonus game and pray that the Fortune Goddess keeps respins maximally long since their amount, fortunately, isn't limited. That may help you to get a big cash prize.

These are all the statistics concerning 300 spins:

Base game min win 


Base game max win 


Total number of base game-winning spins

55 (1 in 5.45 spins) 

Number of wins that are lower than the bet

43 (1 in 1.28 winning spins) 

The lengthiest non-wins period 


Call To Arms feature triggering quantity

9 (1 in 33.33 spins)

Max win due to Call To Arms feature


Total win due to Call To Arms feature


Roadkill Verdict

We have to say, that's not one of those usual video slots you probably used to play. And that's not only because of its way too unusual theme but also due to its multiple-layer bonus Hold & Win game, which is overwhelmed with tons of details and takes a lot of time to get used to.


But Roadkill is highly promising in terms of huge winnings since the enhanced bonus game's level, the more generous it will be. And somewhere there is waiting for you around the tempting max win of well solid x11,091. Taking all those features inside the literally Wild-infested bonus game, it's not hard to believe in such a big win, possible through a while of playing this slot. High bonus game hit frequency only strengthens our confidence.


As for cons, there are also some of them. First, it has an RTP value that ranges from 96.05% to 87.1%, which is not that welcoming. So, be attentive concerning this important aspect. Also, there are a lot of low payments around the paytable, so don't rely on the base game too much. Luckily, bonus features activate well often, making gameplay quite engaging & profitable.


So, if you're looking for something new and ready to indulge yourself with the extraordinary and highly original video slot, that's exactly what you need. This slot will quench your exquisite appetite for the hitherto unknown thrill & excitement.

Pros & cons
+Looks & sounds very well
+A bonus game with 4 enhanced rounds & unlimited respins
+Tons of Wilds of different kinds
+Solid Max win of x11,091
Ambiguous theme that may not appeal to everyone
Customizable RTP value
Too-complex bonus game that needs extraordinary attention to detail
21 out of 30 payments are less than the bet

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