Play Free Demo of DJ Cat Slot by Push Gaming

Play Free Demo of DJ Cat Slot by Push Gaming


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General Information

Game Type Slots
Provider Push Gaming
RTP 96.32%, 95.2%, 94.03%, 90.08%, 88.4%
Hit frequency N/A
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 4
Lines 1-5
Rows 5
Release Date 16.04.2024
Volatility High
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 11.03.2024

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value N/A
Max Coin Value N/A
Min Coins per Line N/A
Max Coins per Line N/A
Min Bet Value 0.1 EUR (0.25 EUR with Push-Up)
Max Bet Value 100 EUR (250 EUR with Push-Up)
Max Win Multiplier x10000
Max Win Value 1000000 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 10
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol No
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol Yes
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot No

DJ Cat Slot Review

This game is perfectly suited for those who don’t like slots with too-much-complicated rules. Here, all is as simple as that — CD Symbols, depicting digits 0 — 9, give payments individually and by forming winning combinations, up to 3-figure sums. Moreover, the upward expansion of the playfield allows you to take advantage of bigger Win Multipliers that raise with each new row up to the maximum possible x100 value. Also, there are a lot of respins thanks to the Arrow and VIP special symbols. All that above guarantees you funny gambling and many stunning prizes up to x6,000 by the current stake. Plus, the excellent design, the groovy soundtrack, and sharp graphics. What else could dream any gambler for? If you want to know all the tiny details about this game, don't stop reading the review dedicated to this awesome modern video slot.

DJ Cat Slot - Intoduction Screenshot

DJ Cat General Characteristics

  • 1 - 5 pay lines
  • 4 reels and 5 rows 
  • High Volatility 
  • RTP: 96.32%, 95.2%, 94.03%, 90.08%, 88.4%
  • Bet amount: 0.1 EUR - 100 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x10,000
  • Maximum win value: 1,000,000 EUR
  • 10 main symbols
  • Additional symbols: Arrow Symbol, VIP Symbol, Double VIP Symbol 

DJ Cat Bonus Features

It's a kind of unusual video slot that doesn't have any Bonus Games or Free Spins. Here is only the Base Game with the Expanding Play Grid, Instant Prize Lines, and Win Multipliers up to x100. So, let's figure it all out.

CD Symbols

These are paying symbols, representing digits ranging from 0 to 9. As you probably have expected, 0 pays zero euros, whereas all the other digits bring the respective part of the current stake ( '9' — x0.9 from the bet, '8' — x0.8 of the stake, and so on). You need to get at least just one CD symbol landed on the active row to get a corresponding win credited to the balance. If multiple such pics don't touch each other, their single wins are just summed before crediting.


When some of them are touching one another, they are much more profitable since, in this way, these form 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit numbers. These also pay the amount calculated by the '0.1 x number' formula. For instance, the '656' CD Symbols combination will grant you €65.6, whereas the '9999' one — a whole €999.9. Be aware you can reap the wins only due to the CD Symbols within the active rows.

DJ Cat Slot - CD Symbols

Dud Symbol

These bring no reward, playing the role of just blockers between paying CD Symbols.

DJ Cat Slot - Dud Symbols

Arrow Symbol

At the start of each new spin, there is only one active row, the lowest. The Arrow special symbol raises the playfield 1 row under the strict condition of hitting the active row. In case multiple Arrow Symbols were landed on the same row, they are unlocking the corresponding number of new rows. Also, the landing of an Arrow Symbol grants one respin. All Arrow Symbols previously used are removed when the respin starts. Arrow Symbols land in any place on the playfield without any restrictions applied. 

DJ Cat Slot - Arrow Symbols

VIP Symbol

In case of landing on an active row, these special symbols make the Win Multiplier of a corresponding active row one level bigger. There are 4 levels provided in each Multiplier Meter. Also, after the Vip Symbol is applied, one respin is awarded. All VIP symbols previously landed are removed when the respin starts. Vip Symbols hit any place on the playfield without any restrictions applied.

DJ Cat Slot - VIP Symbol

Double VIP Symbol

These are the same as the previous ones but make the Multiplier of a corresponding active row two levels bigger at once.

DJ Cat Slot - Double VIP Symbol

Multiplier meter

Each row has its own Multiplier Meter with four values, which are bigger the higher positioned the row. Therefore, the maximum possible multiplier varies from x5 for the lowest row to x100 for the top-most one. Yet, the first by default multiplier on every Multiplier Meter is x1.

Push Up Options

Also, you can pay for playing with the larger play grid from the beginning. There are four available choices for you:

  • 2 active rows (x2.5)
  • 3 active rows (x5)
  • 4 active rows (x7.5)
  • 5 active rows (x10)


Available extra rows activate from bottom to top.

DJ Cat Slot - Push Up Options

Our Experience Playing DJ Cat

Following the established tradition, we played with this slot to get a comprehensive overview of this gamble. The stake was €1, whereas our budget for the game was €200. Luckily, through just 300 spins, we earned as much as €571.9. So, let’s reveal all the details!


The largest win during the 1st hundred spins was made possible thanks to the 6520 number on the lowest row. Sadly, there was just the default x1 multiplier, so we lost a chance to win even more. By the way, the highest multiplier value we took advantage of during the 1st hundred spins was x15. Overall, the number of wins was 34. After the 100th spin was out, we had €821.1 balance.

Unfortunately, we could not reap such a big win again, although a couple of times we have come close. Within the 2nd hundred spins, we got 29 wins, including the bigger one, which amounted to €16.5. The largest multiplier we have applied, this time, was x5. Upon the 200th spin, we had as much as €768.5 on the balance.


Within the 3rd hundred spins, we had 35 wins, the biggest of which amounted to €64.2. The largest multiplier we’ve applied, this time, was also x5. As a result, after the 300th spin, we had €771.9 on the game balance. Hence, we made precisely €571.9.

Here are all the statistics about these 300 spins:

Min win 


Max win 


Total number of wins

98 (1 in 3.06 spins)

Wins that are lower than the bet 

68 (1 in 1.44 winning spins)

The lengthiest non-wins period

9 spins 

The biggest Win Multiplier applied



We want to share impressions about this game while those are still fresh in our memory. Without a doubt, it's a unique original gamble with outstanding gameplay, combining extreme simplicity and high engagement due to the real possibility of forming 4- or at least 3-digit numbers, both promising well enough income, especially taking into account Win Multipliers up to x100. Additional benefits bring respins awarded due to special symbols — Arrow and VIP ones since they increase your chances to win. The only clear con you can find here is the absence of any kind of Bonus Game, including Free Spins.

DJ Cat Verdict

It’s an impressive gamble that has realized a simple but so much exciting idea of combining simple digits on the playfield to get big cash prizes. Moreover, there are Prize Multipliers up to x100, and a lot of respins due to VIP and Arrow Symbols landing. And those re-spins quite efficiently cope with increasing your chances to win. 


Yet, there is no Bonus Game. Also, the RTP value of this slot varies from 96.32% to 88.4%. Therefore, make sure you're playing the most profitable version of this slot before playing on real money. In conclusion, if you are looking for a slot to embrace some new and extraordinary gambling experience, that’s the lucky choice due to the simple yet highly engaging gameplay with a real possibility of big wins up to x6,000 by the stake.

Pros & cons
+Top-notch graphics & sound
+Single CD symbols also pay
+CD Symbols combine into Instant Prize Lines, able to award 3-figure wins
+Expanding the playfield allows you to take advantage of bigger Multipliers
+Win Multiplier up to x100
+‘Push Up’ options
RTP ranges from 96.32% to 88.4%
When a new spin starts, there is only one row is active initially
No Bonus Game
Quite a mediocre maximum win

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