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About game


General Information
Game Type: Slots
Provider: Yggdrasil
RTP: 97.1%, 96.3%
Hit frequency: 26.6%
Bonus / Freespins Frequency: N/A
Reels: 5
Lines: 20
Rows: 3
Release Date: 24.02.2017
Volatility: High
Demo Play: Yes
Branded: No
Last Updated: 17.08.2022
Bets & Wins Information
Min Coin Value: 0.01 EUR
Max Coin Value: 5 EUR
Min Coins per Line: 1
Max Coins per Line: 1
Min Bet Value: 0.2 EUR
Max Bet Value: 100 EUR
Max Win Multiplier: x400
Max Win Value: 40000 EUR
Game Features
Free Spin Modes
Free Spins
Nudge reels
Random Wilds
Special Bet
Synchronised Reels
Symbols Information
Number of Symbols: 8
Wild Symbol: Yes
Scatter Symbol: Yes
Mystery Symbol: No
Bonus Symbol: No
Multiplier Symbol: No
Prize Symbol: No
Jackpot Information
Progressive Jackpot: No
Local Jackpot: No
About game
Beauty and the Beast

A new life of an old story with the Beauty & the Beast video slot

The Beauty & the Beast is among the oldest European fairy tales that had various versions in different times. When a French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve decided to publish her own version of the story, the tale’s way to the world fame began. For more than two and a half centuries it was a basis for many literary works, stage plays, films, cartoons and games. And now you can see its incarnation in the Yggdrasil’s new video slot.

The newly released online game has a special approach to the story with its own view on the characters’ identity. Here you can meet both Beauty and her beloved Beast in the old castle. Three servants help them in their everyday life. They are the butler, the maid and the chef. These characters represent the invisible servants, that are mentioned in the original fairy tale.

You can try the Beauty & the Beast slot for free and dive deep in the world of a marvelous story. Moreover, you have a chance to receive here really great riches, just like the Beauty’s father in the original story. The game has a number of bonuses and interesting features that will never leave you without a win.

Beauty and the Beast Video Review

Animation, graphics and the gaming process

The game screen in the Beauty & the Beast slot looks just like a part of an ancient castle with a charming garden. High walls, long stairs and beautiful roses – that is the best description for the background. It seems for a moment that you are in a real fairy tale.

The main game field in the center is designed in the appropriate style. It’s edged by stone, mosaics, metal carvings and rose flowers. In the left end you can see the portraits of the servants, while all the symbols are in the middle. The game area is formed by 3 rows and 5 reels.

All the controls that you need to play the Beauty & the Beast slot are situated on the bottom line, which looks like a stone parapet. This panel contains such main elements as coin value, start button, automatic play and a special golden bet option. Here you can also find four tiny windows that show your current cash balance, win amount, total bet and selected lines. For any other information about the game you can just press the plus button.

Symbols and payouts in the online slot

As it is common for many video slots, the Beauty & the Beast game has 8 regular symbols. Each of them has its own value in virtual coins. If you start to spin the slot’s reels, you’ll be able to obtain the following awards:

1. Beast as a monster or as a prince – up to 250.
2. Beauty as a young girl or as a princess – up to 250.
3. Ruby stone – up to 80.
4. Triangular emerald – up to 75.
5. Tourmaline gemstone – up to 70.
6. Blue sapphire – up to 60.
7. Yellow topaz – up to 50.
8. Purple amethyst – up to 50.

Among the special symbols in the Beauty & the Beast slot you can find a so called Wild image. Its main feature is to substitute other valuable pictures on the reels in order to help you with collecting winning combinations. This image looks here like a broken hand mirror with an appropriate title.

Special features in the Beauty & the Beast slot

When you launch the game, the three portraits on the left become one of the first things you notice. They’re dedicated to the butler, the maid and the chef, who are the servants in the Beast’s castle. All these servants will help you to get more valuable prizes in the slot. They can randomly appear during the game and use their features. The butler is able to nudge the reel when it’s possible to create a winning combination, the chef can synchronize 3 central reels, while the maid is able to create from 2 to 4 Wilds in random positions. Whenever the feature is activated, the appropriate servant’s portrait will be filled with color.

The second special feature in the game is called golden bet. It allows you to modify your current bet in order to get more prizes. There are 3 available variants. The first one gives the ability to choose 2 special features except 1 in the free spin mode. The second activates nudge feature only for Scatter symbols, but for the whole game. The third one combines the abilities of previous bonuses. Each feature has additional value, which is 5, 15 or 30 coins.

Free game mode in the Beauty & the Beast slot

Free spins are always a great way to receive a big amount of coins. So it is in the Beauty & the Beast online slot. Here this round is activated by rose flower pictures. You’ll have a chance to get the following:

1. Three symbols – 10 free games.
2. Four images – 10 free spins and 1000 coins.
3. Five symbols – 10 free games and 5000 coins.

Whenever you’re lucky to begin the round, everything around you changes for a single moment. Dim rooms transform into bright halls and all the space is covered with beautiful pink roses. Just before the start of the additional game you can choose one of the servant’s features, which will be active during the whole round. Actually, you can receive even 2 of them, but only if you have activated boost golden bet feature in the main game.

Basic parameters in the Beauty & the Beast slot

If we talk about the game’s characteristics, there are some of them you should definitely know. The next list displays these parameters for the Beauty & the Beast slot in the best way:

1. 20 lines, that are always active during the game.
2. 5 virtual reels with a special automatic mode.
3. Standard total bet of 20 coins.
4. Coin value diapason between 0.01 and 5 EUR.
5. Special servants and golden bet features.
6. 96,3 – 97,1 % RTP index.
7. Volatility level between 32 and 62 points.
8. Max win of 40000 EUR.
9. Available on PC, Android and iOS.
10. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
11. Released on the 24th of February 2016.
12. Developed by Yggdrasil.

The famous fairy tale really comes to life in the new Yggdrasil’s slot. Interesting subject, beautiful animation and interesting features – the game has it all. The only thing here that is probably not so good is the level of payouts from regular symbols. You’d definitely want more from them, but this flaw is compensated by the very helpful features and an incredibly profitable free spin mode.

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