Play Free Demo of Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot by Yggdrasil

Play Free Demo of Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot by Yggdrasil


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General Information

Game Type Slot
Provider Yggdrasil
RTP 94%, 90.5%
Hit frequency 28.09%
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 5
Lines 20
Rows 3
Release Date 23.04.2024
Volatility Low
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 12.06.2024

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value 0.01 EUR
Max Coin Value 2 EUR
Min Coins per Line 1
Max Coins per Line 1
Min Bet Value 0.2 EUR
Max Bet Value 40 EUR
Max Win Multiplier x1265
Max Win Value 50600 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 8
Wild Symbol No
Scatter Symbol Yes
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol Yes
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot Yes

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot Review

Do you adore the thrill of hunting for huge progressive Jackpots? If yes, there is a fine video slot for you with 5 Jackpots with the top-tier among them, beginning from a well-solid amount of €15,000. Also, there are Free Spins here, as many as three ways to get into them, and 2 Bonus Games, one of which is practically endless, proposing wins up to x100 per round. Doesn't that sound tempting? If you are excited to know much more, let us immerse you in this game's rules.

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Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot Video Review

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 General Characteristics

  • 20 pay lines
  • 5 reels and 3 rows 
  • Low Volatility 
  • RTP: 94%, 90.5%
  • Hit Frequency: 28.09%
  • Bet amount: 0.2 EUR - 40 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x1,265
  • Maximum win value: 50,600 EUR
  • 8 main symbols
  • Additional symbols: Scatter, Jackpot Keys, Jackpot Gems

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPort 5 Bonus Features

There are as many as 5 progressive jackpots in this slot, alongside 3 Bonus Games, including those beloved by many Free Spins. Let's explain the rules of all those bonus functions.


There are 5 progressive Jackpots in this game. Corresponding meters, informing about the currently reached sum of every of those, are placed above every reel and colored differently:


  • Blue Jackpot – €40
  • Violet Jackpot – €200
  • Green Jackpot – €600
  • Orange Jackpot – €1500
  • Red Jackpot – €15 000


In the very playing beginning, these jackpots always start with those claimed amounts, step-by-step increasing with each stake made on a certain percentage of the current bet:

  • Blue Jackpot: +0.7%
  • Violet Jackpot: +0.7%
  • Green Jackpot: +0.6%
  • Orange Jackpot: +0.6%
  • Red Jackpot: +1.2%


There are no limits for Jackpot's size, yet the expected fallout amounts for those are correspondingly €108, €500, €600, €4,000, and €30,000. Also, be aware that the bigger the bet amount, the higher your odds of winning the Jackpot. You can win Jackpots only in the Free Spins mode. 

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot - Jackpots

Key Collection

There are also 5 types of Keys, each identically colored as the corresponding Jackpot meter, falling exclusively within the reel under the relative Jackpot meter. Each new player gets at the beginning 2 Blue Keys, 1 Violet Key, 1 Green Key, 1 Orange Key, and 1 Red Key.


Completion of 5 identical Keys collecting starts 10 Free Spins, which immediately grant a Gem the same color as the gathered Keys. All 5 Gems of that color will bring you a corresponding Jackpot award. Keys are collected during the Base Game and thanks to the Pick & Click Game or the Treasure Chests Game. If two or more Keys kits are completed within the same spin, there will be a corresponding number of Jackpot FS Rounds, starting from the one with the lowest Jackpot. Yet, Keys aren’t the only way to get Free Spins that allow you to chase for the Jackpots. The Coin Toss feature and the Pick & Click Game are also helpful in such a pleasant mission.


This special symbol hit the playfield only during the Base Game mode, activating the Coin Toss feature in case 3+ Scatters simultaneously landed on the reels:

Scatter quantity



Coin Toss feature triggering


Coin Toss feature triggering & 50x stake sum on top of the win


Coin Toss feature triggering & 500x stake sum on top of the win


Activation of the Coin Toss feature allows you to get either 10 FS or the Treasure Chests Game starting. Also, there is a chance to initiate Free Spins to start even if just 2 Scatters landed simultaneously, thanks to the Pick & Click Game.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot - Scatter

Pick & Click Game

Two simultaneously landed Scatters start the Pick & Click Game with 5 options to choose from that hide cash prizes (x1 — x4), random Jackpot Key, 10 FS, and Treasure Chest Bonus game triggering.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot - Pick & Click Game

Treasure Chests Game

You could start this Bonus Game through the Coin Toss feature, triggered by 3+ Scatters, or the Pick & Click Game. The Treasure Chest Bonus game provides the opportunity to pick one of 3 chests furnished with a cash prize (x15 — x100) and a random Jackpot Key. Yet, some of those can be empty. It’s a kind of infinite bonus game since it lasts until you, at some point, pick the chest with no prize.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot - Treasure Chests Game

Jackpot Free Spins

As you have noticed, there are as many as 3 ways to trigger Free Spins, allowing you to get Jackpots — a collection of at least 5 identically colored keys, a Coin Toss feature triggering due to 3+ Scatters, and the Pick & Click Game, giving a chance to get the last one Scatter, needed for Coin Toss feature activating. Besides Jackpots, you can also reap during the Free Spins ordinary wins, multiplied with x3. But this multiplier will not apply to no one Jackpot prize won.


You need to collect 5 Gems of the same color to get a Jackpot. Since there are as many as 5 Jackpots, awarding multiple of them is possible within the current Bonus FS Game. Moreover, theoretically, you can win all five Jackpots during a single FS Round. Also, be aware no Key or Scatter symbols are in the FS mode. So, there is no opportunity to get extra FS

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Slot - Jackpot Free Spins

Our Experience Playing Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5

After theoretical information, there is a time to share the results of a practical experiment playing this slot. And by that, we mean the 300-spin gaming session. Let's clarify that a €1 stake was established per spin, whereas the overall game balance totaled €200. The RTP value of the video slot version we used was 94%.


Within the 1st hundred spins, we got 34 Base Game wins, varying from €1 to €10. Also, we have reaped one Jackpot Key and triggered 2 Pick & Click Bonus Games. Unfortunately, FS didn't trigger even once since we did not pick the right option with the Scatter symbol inside. As a result, after the 100th spin, there was just €165.7 on the balance.


During the 2nd hundred spins, we have triggered Free Spins thanks to the Pick & Click Game. Those made us not that much money — just €26.1. Regarding Jackpot Gems, we got a single Green Crystal through this Bonus Game. During the Base Game, we collected two other Jackpot Keys. The Pick & Click Game triggered twice. The number of regular prizes decreased to 18 (€1 — €8.5). Upon the 200th spin left behind, we had €128.8.


The last hundred spins rewarded us with the FS Round that began due to the Pick & Clicks Game. This time, Free Spins have earned €39.6. Also, we've collected only one Blue Crystal through all 10 Free Spins. The Pick & Click Game, triggered three times, has granted us one FS round and one Treasure Chests Game. The last one made us €20. Although we got as many as 3 Keys in addition to previous ones, these did not help us complete any Jackpot Key collections available. The overall number of wins was 26. The biggest Base Game win was €10. So, after the 300th spin, we had just €139.3. Hence, we lost precisely €60.7.

Here are all the fetched statistics:

Min Base Game win 


Max Base Game win 


Total number of Base Game wins

78 (1 in 3.8 spins)

Wins that are lower than the bet 

0 in 300 spins

The lengthiest non-wins period

11 spins 

Pick & Click Game

7 (1 in 42.9 spins)

Treasure Chests Game

1 in 300 spins

Total win due to the Treasure Chests Game


FS triggering

2 (1 in 150 spins)

FS triggering due to the Pick & Click Game

Jackpot Keys that was collected

6 (1 in 50 spins)

FS triggering due to collecting Jackpot Keys


Total win due to the Free Spins


Total Base Game losses if FS wouldn't trigger


Average Base Game loss per spin



So, that’s a good choice for those preferring hunting for the Jackpots since the biggest starts here at €15,000. Yet, to get this one, you certainly will need more than 300 spins. For instance, we got only 1 Gem per 10 FS in each FS Round. Moreover, there is no opportunity to prolong Free Spins, which additionally decreases your chances of getting at least one jackpot. On top of that, getting Free Spins is also not an easy quest since we got 3 Scatters only once, and that gave us Treasure Chests Game, not a Free Spin one. And those two Free Spins activations were just luck since both FS Rounds triggered thanks to the Pick & Click Game, where we picked the prize randomly.


Despite Low Volatility, the Base Game awards prizes not always frequently. For instance, the lengthiest non-wins pause we had was 11 spins. Yet, all of them are equal or bigger than the stake. On the other hand, the biggest win was €10. The Treasure Chests Game could last sufficiently long, bringing solid money, yet it all depends on your luck. We earned only €20 due to this function, picking the wrong chest already in the second round. So, it’s hard to imagine you will be guaranteed huge income only due to the base game. Hence, have the patience to wait for the Jackpot.

Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 Verdict

So, if you are a seasoned punter hunting for jackpots of various kinds, this slot grants an opportunity to grab another one. Moreover, there are 5 of those and the biggest starts from a solid amount of €15,000. Fortunately, there is no prize limit to any of those. So, you can try your luck to reach tens of thousands of euros. Also, there is a pretty promising Treasure Chests Game that is endless, only if you do not lose your luck, and provides wins up to x100 by the stake per round. Moreover, 5 Scatters will deliver you a guaranteed win of x500 bet.


But through the 300 spins, we got even three simultaneously landed Scatters just once. So, it may take time to get 5 of those at once. The Base Game wins also did not make an impression as guaranteeing considerable income, which isn't surprising, given just x1,265 max win. Also, beware of RTP since it may vary from 94% to 90.5%. On top of that, the highest one, 94%, is a little lower than the average, totaling 95%.

Pros & cons
+No wins that are lower than the stake
+2 Scatters give a chance for 10 FS or the Treasure Chests Game triggering
+3+ Scatters provide 10 FS or Treasure Chests Game plus up to the x500 reward
+Treasure Chests Game is unlimited one with prizes up to x100 per round
+3 ways to start FS
+x3 Win Multiplier within Free Spins
+3 ways to get Jackpot Keys
+The biggest Jackpot starts from €15,000
+All Jackpots are progressive and unlimited
RTP ranges from 94% to 90.5%
The highest RTP is lower than average
Max win is just x1,265 to the bet
Rare appearance of 3+ Scatters
Rare appearance of Jackpot Gems in Free Spins


Can I play Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot Free Demo?

Yes, truly, no one is excluded from taking part Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 for Free in Demo mode Without Registration. The Demo mode allows you to try the slot Circumventing authentic pecuniary stakes and permits exposing the whole spectrum of its qualities.

Can I win real money on Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot?

Please note that real money can only be won while playing in the casino with real or bonus funds. Operating in a mock mode using a practice account prohibits gaining authentic monetary rewards or suffering any financial detriment.

What is the RTP and Maximum Win of the Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot?  

The Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot comes with an RTP: 94%, 90.5%. The higher the projected return ratio, more positive prospects for a winning slot gameplay. Be advised that your potential maximum payout is restricted to x1265 of the bet, and the Risk is specified as Low.

Can I play Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot on mobile phone? 

Yes, you can activate the Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot on your mobile device as it employs HTML5 technology, which allows for test play without the need for prior downloading.

What is the best place to play Gold Frontier Jackpots FastPot5 slot?

The premier place for real money gaming is a casino that is: +Licensed, +Applies fair terms, +Offers a Wide range of Payment Methods with +Fast Payouts, +Provides generous bonuses, +Offers round-the-clock player support. Use our casino appraisals, and you won't have to analyze each casino separately.

Symbols and Paytable
Symbol 231
Symbol 232
Symbol 233
Symbol 234
Symbol 235
Symbol 236
Symbol 237
Symbol 238
Symbol Scatter
Symbol Bonus
Symbol Special

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