Play Free Demo of Alchymedes Slot by Yggdrasil

Play Free Demo of Alchymedes Slot by Yggdrasil

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General Information

Game Type Slots
Provider Yggdrasil
RTP 96.1%
Hit frequency 34.5%
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 5
Lines 30
Rows 4
Release Date 24.01.2017
Volatility Medium-Low
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 17.08.2022

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value 0.01 EUR
Max Coin Value 2 EUR
Min Coins per Line 1
Max Coins per Line 1
Min Bet Value 0.3 EUR
Max Bet Value 60 EUR
Max Win Multiplier x10000
Max Win Value 600000 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 8
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol No
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol No
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot No


Creating gold with Alchymedes video slot

Alchemy is a mystical science that excites our imagination even in the 21st century. It has one main goal, which is to create gold from whatever you have, if we say it in plain language. For most people it’s an unachievable dream, but you have a great chance to make it real with Alchymedes video slot. Here you’ll have all the ingredients, laboratory glassware and equipment to create sacramental piece of metal.

You might have noticed that this slot has a very interesting title. In fact, Alchymedes is a kind of play on words. It’s almost similar to word Archimedes, which is the name of an ancient scientist who lived more than two millenniums ago in Syracuse. Still, there is no great connection between the game and the scientist. The only thing that links them together is the process of inventing something special. Archimedes created many mechanisms and machines, while Alchymedes video slot can help you to find the formula of gold.

Alchymedes Video Review

Design and controls

Just after the launch you’ll see a huge alchemist’s table with various potions and ingredients. Two big flasks are situated on both sides of it. They contain a strange matter, which can strongly affect on the gaming process. The background of the video slot looks like a hideaway room of medieval scientist. There are lots of books and old manuscripts with formulas almost everywhere.

The bottom line of the game screen contains basic parameters and main controls. You’ll see the number of lines, total bet, win amount and your current balance on it. Also, there are here such buttons as bet per line, automatic spin, max bet and start. If you need more information, you can press plus button. It’ll give you various options like game info, settings, rules and sound on/off.

Payouts in the Alchymedes video slot

The level of prizes is the most important thing in online gambling, no matter how beautiful the game is. If we talk about Alchymedes slot, it has various ways to award you. First of all, the game has 8 valuable symbols, which are able to form winning combinations. You’ll receive virtual coins for them, in case you’ve decided to play for free. The following list will display possible payouts in the best way:

1. Purple potion – up to 500.
2. A flask with orange matter – up to 400.
3. Deep blue potion – up to 300.
4. A flask with green substance and eyes – up to 200.
5. Purple stone with spades symbol – up to 100.
6. Red stone with hearts image – up to 90.
7. Blue stone with diamonds symbol – up to 80.
8. Green stone with clubs image – up to 70.

Special bonuses in the game

The aforesaid payouts don’t complete the list of awards from Alchymedes. The game has much more prizes for you. The first thing to say is that this video slot has a special Wild symbol. It has a strong connection with the left flask, which contains green matter. Every time you get Wild, it will expand according to the pattern, displayed in the left container with magical substance. There are 15000 kinds of patterns by the way.

The other unique thing about Alchymedes is that the game has levels. Every next step will increase the level of prizes and the win probability. The general scheme is rather simple. Whenever you receive a winning combination, all appropriate cells on the game field will be covered with gold. If you manage to do this with the complete number of square pieces, then you’ll pass to the next level.

Transition between game levels is not only a technical process. It can grant you a huge sum of credits or even activate a special feature. First of all, it’s about the flask, situated on the right hand. Filled with red substance, it randomly accumulates power after each spin. This power transforms into a bet multiplier, which will be activated during the last win of the level. So, you can receive up to 100 times more coins from a particular combination of symbols.

If you are already willing to take a risk, you should know about one more bonus in Alchymedes. When you complete a level, you’ll see special scales with two potions. Choose one of them to increase the potential of Wild pattern or the potential of the multiplier. Then the next level starts. Before the new round begins, you have a chance to get one random feature. If you’re lucky, you can obtain an increase to the multiplier, an extra Wild pattern position or just a sum of coins (up to 2000). All those features will probably make gambling for real money more than profitable.

Parameters and general information

Every slot has a number of characteristics that define its identity. Many of these parameters can strongly affect on the gaming process and the ability to win. As for Alchymedes, it has the following list of characteristics:

1. 30 lines with the ability to win both ways.
2. 5 virtual reels for the best gaming.
3. Total bet, fixed on 30 coins level.
4. Coin value varies between 0.01 and 2 EUR.
5. Special Wild pattern and level completion multiplier.
6. Max win of 300000 virtual coins.
7. RTP, set on 96,1% level.
8. Volatility of the slot – 35.
9. Automatic start button.
10. Supports Android, iOS and PC.
11. Compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
12. Released on the 24th of January 2017.
13. Designed by Yggdrasil.

There is no doubt that Alchymedes is a very engaging slot. It looks like a window to a real laboratory with various substances and different flasks. The game also has a very interesting system of levels, which can increase your win up to 100 times. Still, payouts from regular symbols are not so high. But you should remember that the lines support both way wins and there are many random bonuses after each level.

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