Plinko: Bgaming's Thrilling Twist on the Classic Gambling Game

Plinko: Bgaming's Thrilling Twist on the Classic Gambling Game


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General Information

Game Type Skill Game
Provider BGaming
Release Date 28.01.2019
Volatility Alterable
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 12.12.2023

Bets & Wins Information

Min Bet Value 1 EUR
Max Bet Value 100 EUR
Max Win Value 100000 EUR

Plinko Review

It's a Big Gaming game that is somewhat reminiscent of pinball and got worldwide fame due to the 'The Price is Right' television program, used from 1983 to 2007. There are no pay lines, paying or special symbols, or even bonus features you used to see in most video slots. Here, you will have just a pyramidal playfield with peg's rows and only one ball per round, breezing down to its prize, whose precise amount depends on the hole's win coefficient, into which it will eventually fall.


Notably, there is an exclusive opportunity to choose your preferred variance level and max win, which depends on the number of active playfield lines. That's almost all you need to know to get familiar with this game for a glance. Keep reading to get much more details.

Plinko By BGaming Video Review

Plinko General Characteristics

  • Adjusted Volatility
  • RTP: 99%
  • Bet amount: 1 EUR - 100 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x1,000
  • Maximum win value: 100,000 EUR

Plinko Gameplay

There is a pyramid-shaped playfield with a broad base downside. All that pyramid is filled with obstacles of pegs' rows, which change the ball's trajectory when it hits them on its way. The win amount is bound to the hole's prize, into which the ball eventually will fall. The most desirable ones are on the sides, while the closer to the center they are positioned, the lower their cash prize. So, all gameplay is squeezed into watching how the ball is bouncing down, hoping its target will be as sideward as possible. This not-that-intricate gambling game is still beloved by many due to its high RTP value, which is an unbelievable 99%. Moreover, you could adjust its variance and max prize amount depending on your own.

Risk Level

There are 3 levels according to their risk rate. Let's start their overview from the one with the minimal volatility.

  • Low

This mode proposes the lowest max win, which depends on active lines quantity, varies from x5.6 to x16. There is just one or several (up to 4) coefficients on the playfield that are lower than the initial stake, pivoting on the number of lines. They are positioned in the center and range from x0.5 to x0.9.

  • Normal

This time, the biggest win is x110, whereas the lowest is x13. Depending on how many lines you prefer to activate, there are 1 to 4 holes whose coefficients are less than the bet, varying from x0.3 to x0.9. They are in the center.

  • High

It's the most volatility mode, which grants you the highest possible win of  x1,000, which is available under the condition the 16 lines are chosen. Those prizes less than the current stake range from x0.2 to x0.9. Their quantity also varies from 2 to 6, depending on the number of currently active lines.


These can be 6 - 16 for each mode

Provably Fair 

Many BGaming slots have this technology, allowing to prove manually every round fairness, and this Plinko game also didn't become the exception. So, playing this gambling diversion, you will never find yourself fooled. 

Our Experience Playing Plinko

We were looking forward to playing this slot to show you how this game could be generous. All we had was €200. We decided this amount of cash was enough to finish the 300-round game session, taking into account the high 99% RTP value. The bet was €1 per round.


Within our first 100 rounds, we used the 'Low' risk mode and got 29 wins (the prize is larger than the stake), 31 defeats (the cash prize is lower than the bet), and 40 draws (the win is equal to the stake). There were several minimal prizes of €0.5 and only one max win of €5.6. The final balance amount after the 100th round was €201.4.


During the following 100 rounds, we had 66 defeats and 34 wins within the ‘Normal’ risk mode. This time, we also got both — min and max wins (€0.4 & €13). The resulting balance amount was €216.6.


For the last 100 rounds, we did turn on the maximum 'High' risk level, bringing us 71 defeats and 29 wins (€0.2 - €29). Eventually, the game balance totaled €214.1, which means we earned €14.1.


So, as you can see, we made it to the plus side each time, although not by much. Moreover, every time, we have grabbed the maximum prize. Partially, that can be explained by using just eight active lines. Due to this, the base of the play pyramid was not that wide and with much easier access to corner holes. So, we don't dare to claim that getting x1,000 within 16-lines mode will be the same as easy, but that is a good sign, nonetheless.

Plinko Verdict

So, that's quite an exciting gambling diversion with extremely high RTP value (99%), even for the nowadays i-Gaming industry. Playing it won't require delving into complex game rules or something like that. Despite many modern video slots offering much more solid max wins, a high return to player coefficient alongside an engaging playing process makes a tempting desire to try your good luck to win that max win of x1,000 by the stake.


As for drawbacks, there is almost nothing like that, except for that one aspect — this game has nothing in common with a traditional video slot. There is no plot, bonus features, or free spins for you to use. But, if it's not a problem, you'll definitely fall in love with this game. Otherwise, just guide through our site to find something better suiting your gambling taste with special symbols, dynamic animations, and bonus FS games with giant wins.

Pros & cons
+Iconic game from the popular TV Show
+Adjusted Variance
+RTP is 99%
+Max win is x1,000
+Provably Fair technology
Orientation on fans of such kind of diversion

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