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Play Free Demo of Lost Relics 2 Slot by NetEnt


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General Information

Game Type Slot
Provider NetEnt
RTP 96.03%, 94.1%, 93.16%, 91.05%
Hit frequency N/A
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 6-10
Lines N/A
Rows 6-10
Release Date 07.09.2023
Volatility High
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 09.10.2023

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value N/A
Max Coin Value N/A
Min Coins per Line N/A
Max Coins per Line N/A
Min Bet Value 0.1 EUR
Max Bet Value 10 EUR
Max Win Multiplier x21148
Max Win Value 211480 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 8
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol No
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot No

Lost Relics 2 Slot Review

If you had a chance to play the prequel of this video slot called Lost Relics, you won't get confused with all its bonus features since they are pretty similar in both, though not in everything. Also, there are some changes in general characteristics.


Firstly, the sequel got a much bigger grid and pretty remarkable max win raising — x21,148 vs. x300 in Lost Relics. Among other improvements are high volatility, reduction of payable clusters to just five minimal needing symbols, base game chests, five hidden in those prizes (+2), etc. Also, there are slight changes in the slot's visual component — graphics & animations. Those became noticeably simpler due to abandoning detail-elaborated symbols and dancing shadows of the campfire. Despite that, this follow-up deserves your attention as an enhanced slot version with an elevated prizes-ability compared to the previous one.

Lost Relics 2 by NetEnt Video Review

Lost Relics 2 General Characteristics

  • Cluster Pays
  • 6-10 reels and 6-10 rows 
  • High Volatility 
  • RTP: 96.03%, 94.1%, 93.16%, 91.05%
  • Bet amount: 0.1 EUR - 10 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x21,148
  • Maximum win value: 211,480 EUR
  • 8 main symbols
  • Additional symbols: Wild, Scatter, Cash, Multiplier, Level Up

Lost Relics 2 Bonus Features

It’s one of those video slots you need to give them attention to understand all the feature diversity they propose. Promising, that will be a thrilling adventure, at the end of which you will have perfectly mastered all those slot hidden powers, made for giving a chance of mega-jackpot getting. So, let’s dive into the bonus-infested part of our Lost Relics sequel review.

Cluster pays

There are clusters of paying symbols used for payments in this slot. It needs to be at least 5 identical pictures at any of them, whether adjacent to one another vertically or horizontally. 


It’s not a paying symbol that guarantees the beginning of the long-awaited free spins round. You need just three of them to get that started. Scatter lands anywhere on the reels without restriction, which is an improvement compared to the previous slot in this line.


It is non-payable, just like the previous one, and used for composing many more clusters to give you a prize. During free spins, Wilds become sticky ones locked in their place till the end of the current session.

Hidden Chests Feature

The topmost bonus feature of this game is one with the surprise chests, which can hide under the symbols on the playfield. As we have said above, there is one of the biggest positive sequels distinguishing, compared to the very first slot version — the presence of chests not only in free spin rounds but also in the base game. Remember — within the main game, there is always just one chest hiding on the screen. When it comes to free spin bonus games, there are as many as 3-4 of them. There is one exception for the final third FS level, which also delivers just one prize chest, but the top best — Amethyst.


To get the chest uncovered is applying winning combinations, destroying tilуs directly below them. You have to ruin every tile covering the chest so that the prize inside it is free. Until that, the chest may stay partly uncovered between some spins. In the next spin, after the chest in the main game is fully revealed, destroyed tiles reappear on the reels. During free spins, recovering absent tiles never happens until all present on the playfield chests are opened. 


There are in this slot three size different chests: Silver, Golden, and Amethyst. And the bigger the chest is, the more and better prizes it awards. Its size is just a matter of random choice. Prizes are awarded immediately after uncovering the hidden chest. Those are choosing among such options as Multiplier, Random Wilds, Cash, Free Spins trigger, and Level Up (available only during Free Spins). Their amount and a mix of prizes are a matter of just blind coincidence.

Hidden Chests Prizes

There is another sequel improvement — 5 vs. 3 chest prizes, compared to Lost Relics. Let’s discuss them in a little bit more detail.


It takes one of the values from the range x2 — x7. Multipliers apply in a bit different ways during the base game and within free spins. In the main game, the awarded multiplier increases the overall prize amount of all winning clusters of a single spin. Within the bonus session, there is a sticky multiplier provided, which, awarded, accumulates through the session duration and is multiplied by its current amount of whole cash win of all prize clusters of every single free spin.

Random Wilds

During both games — base and bonus ones, up to 7 Wilds maximum awarding. They scatter around the reels, substituting missing paying symbols for making as many payable clusters as possible. Within free spins, they locked in place on their positions for the whole duration of the current bonus game session.


It’s just an instant money prize, which varies from x2 to x250 to the current stake.

Free Spins

The Free Spins prize guarantees two different awards depending on where it has been caught. Within the main game, that’s a bonus round triggering. During the bonus game, it provides some extra free spins — from 2 to 6, depending on chest size.

Level Up

It is the only prize awarded exclusively with free spins. There could be just two of them. The first one expands the playfield up to an 8x8 grid. The next one does the same, but this time to the 10x10 grid. The last grid represents the final bonus game level, hiding just one but the most valuable Amethyst chest. Revealed, it grants presents of all available types except for Level Up. There won’t be more chests after Amethyst one until the current bonus game ends.

Free Spins Round

There are two different ways of beginning the free spins. The first is just the simultaneous appearance of 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels. The second one is based on getting a respective prize through the chest revealing. The starting free spins amount is just 10, but here, provided an opportunity to increase their within bonus game quantity for 2-6 more through the extra chests' prizes.

Our Experience Playing Lost Relics 2

Now it's time for our real playing experience of Lost Relics 2. The chosen video slot test-drive format is pretty typical — 300 auto spins with €1 stake per spin. The overall balance is also standard — €200.


The first hundred spins started not bad — in the fifth round of the base game, we, thanks to the Fortune Goddess, found our first hidden chest with a Cash prize of €8. That resulted in a €206 current balance amount. It was a good-hoping coincidental omen, so we held our breath in anticipation of much bigger prizes. A few spins later, there was another chest. Overall, as it turned out, they appear well-often, including the base game. The second prize was a Random Wild, which guaranteed us a win of €0.9. After that, there was another Random Wild, which made us €2. To the 25th spin, there was no enjoying the amount on the balance of just €993.9. Luckily, at that moment, we got our first FS bonus game with ten free spins. By omitting the details, thanks to it, our balance gets the maximal point until this moment — €214.1. After that, there were mostly Random Wilds out of chests, as and not that generous regular cluster wins. So, at the end of that first hundred spins, there were €154.50 in our possession. Not much, but most of the game is still forward!


The second hundred spins present us some other Wilds and no one FS round. Base game wins mostly had been around €1, just once skyrocketing the €5 point. So, the result became a lot of depressing — €73.90. But, sadly, that wasn’t even the end.


Even despite one other free spin round that had got us an incredible win of €50.9, compared to most cash prizes, that was nothing close to changing the overall situation. As a result, after all 300 auto spins, there was just €52.5 on our account. On the other hand, nothing is surprising, considering the High variance of Lost Relics 2.

Lost Relics 2 Verdict

To summarize all that above, there are a few moments you need to be aware of getting started playing this NetEnt video slot. The first thing you should consider is its straightforward High volatility compared to the Medium-High of the game's predecessor. That clearly defines frequencies of getting win prizes as non-too-often. On the other side, there are a lot of possibilities, granting truly grand awards — from Cash and Multiplier chest prizes to free spins with three provided levels. Moreover, there are two ways of FS round triggering, which highly increases its chances. The final most compelling argument in favor of picking this gambling game for pleasing diversion is its highly elevated max win, which is outstanding x21,148 by the current bet.


There are not many straightforward weaknesses in Lost Relics 2 besides its simplified visuals and not many lucrative regular payouts: for most paying symbols, you need to collect a cluster of 9 — 12 of the same pictures to gain some profit or at least cover your spin bet. Furthermore, it would be much better if the 10x10 grid were also used in the base game. The next, despite those chests being highly expected by players, frankly, not all of them are adequately lucrative. There are as many as three types of them, different based on their generosity, and you will deal the most time with those with lower prize ability. In addition, during the base game, there is always just one of them maximally accessible.


Nonetheless, these minor flaws don't ruin the overall slot-playing experience and might soon be fixed due to the next Lost Relics video slot generation. In the meantime, you can have a lot of fun thanks to the current version of this adventure gambling game, guaranteeing tons of fun, skyrocket-excitement, and a top prize of up to x21,148 by the stake.

Pros & cons
+Max win is x21,148 to the bet
+Two available ways of FS round triggering
+Provided possibility of FS round prolonging
+Hidden chests within both — base and bonus game
+Having multipliers
+As many as five different chases’ prizes
+Bonus game grid expanding up to 10x10 size
No tumbling feature
RTP value varies from 96.03% to 91.05%
Reduced visual component
Way too low max bet


Can I play Lost Relics 2 slot Free Demo?

Yes, plainly put, there are no barriers preventing universal participation Lost Relics 2 for Free in Demo mode Without Registration. The obligation-free test capability facilitates you checking out the slot Minus any financial gamble and facilitates unearthing the entirety of its capabilities.

Can I win real money on Lost Relics 2 slot?

Please bear in mind that materialization of concrete fiscal payouts is strictly limited to sessions involving the casino's good-money or complementary balance-equipped propositions. Operating in a mock mode using a practice account prohibits gaining authentic monetary rewards or suffering any financial detriment.

What is the RTP and Maximum Win of the Lost Relics 2 slot?  

The Lost Relics 2 slot comes with an RTP: 96.03%, 94.1%, 93.16%, 91.05%. The higher the theoretical return, improved chances of landing a lucrative result. Be advised that your potential maximum payout is restricted to x21148 of the bet, and the Risk is specified as High.

Can I play Lost Relics 2 slot on mobile phone? 

Yes, you can initiate the Lost Relics 2 slot on your handheld as it utilizes HTML5 technology, which allows for test play without the need for prior downloading.

What is the best place to play Lost Relics 2 slot?

The top-notch place for gambling for real money is a casino that is: +Licensed, +Applies fair terms, +Offers a Wide range of Payment Methods with +Fast Payouts, +Provides generous bonuses, +Offers round-the-clock player support. Use our casino appraisals, and you won't have to analyze each casino separately.

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