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General Information

Game Type Slot
Provider Peter & Sons
RTP 96.3%, 94%, 90.5%, 86%
Hit frequency 21.6%
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 5
Lines 20
Rows 3
Release Date 19.03.2024
Volatility High
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 26.04.2024

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value N/A
Max Coin Value N/A
Min Coins per Line N/A
Max Coins per Line N/A
Min Bet Value 0.1 EUR (0.15 EUR with Golden Bet)
Max Bet Value 50 EUR (75 EUR with Golden Bet)
Max Win Multiplier x10000
Max Win Value 500000 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 8
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol Yes
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot No
Local Jackpot No

Ghost Father Slot Review

If you don’t fear ghosts and vampires, here is a funny gamble at your diversion with beyond spirits and a supernatural bloodthirsty being as characters. There is a bonus game here with extra Free Spins, a Wild multiplier, and cash-collecting mechanics. On top of that, the max win is a well-tempting amount of x10,000 by the stake. So, let us guide you through all the details of this slot gameplay.

Ghost Father by peter & Sons Video Review

Ghost Father General Characteristics

  • 20 pay lines
  • 5 reels and 3 rows 
  • High Volatility 
  • RTP: 96.3%, 94%, 90.5%, 86%
  • Hit Frequency: 21.6%, 21.5%, 21.5%, 21.4% 
  • Bet amount: 0.1 EUR - 50 EUR
  • Maximum win multiplier: x10,000
  • Maximum win value: 500,000 EUR
  • 8 main symbols
  • Additional symbols: Wild, Scatter, Ghost symbol

Ghost Father Bonus Features

Here are all the bonus features used in this slot, although they are usually utilized exclusively in the bonus game: Wild, Boosters, the Ghost Rain feature, and cash-collecting mechanics using the Ghost symbols. Let’s become familiar with all those a bit more closely.


Wild (Igor Vasiljevich) is present only within a bonus game with Free Spins unless the Golden Bet is enabled.

Ghost Father Slot - Wild Symbol

Ghost Symbols

These are payable ones in a base game, bringing up to x20 for five such pics. Yet, their attached cash prizes are collectible only during Free Spins unless the Golden Bet is enabled.

Ghost Father Slot - Ghost Symbols


To begin the bonus FS game, you will need at least 3 Scatters simultaneously landed on the playfield:

Scatters’ quantity

Number of FS







Ghost Father Slot - Scatter Symbol

Free Spins

Bonus game with Free Spins offers Wilds that collect cash prizes from Ghost symbols, alongside the Ghost rain feature and as many as 3 Boosters.

Ghost Father Slot - Free Spins Screenshot


The Wild symbol lands randomly anywhere on the grid, substituting paying pics in winning combinations and reaping cash prizes from Ghost symbols currently presented on the playfield. Also, Wild can have a multiplier up to x5 thanks to the Heart Booster triggering. In this case, Wild multiplies only those wins you got due to cash-collecting and winning combinations it has been partaking in. Last but not least, there could be just one Wild on the playfield.

Ghost Symbols

Within the bonus game, their attached prizes become eligible to be collected due to Wild, which plays the role of the Cash Collector symbol. Those prize amounts vary from x1 to x1,000 (x1, x2, x3, x5, x10, x25, x50, x100, x250, x500, x1,000). There is a chance to reap Ghost symbols' prizes even without needing a Wild if their number is 6+, and there wasn't even a single winning combination during the current free spin. Also, Ghost Symbols could carry one Booster of any type. Boosters are available only during a bonus game and are collected by the corresponding 3-point scales above the playfield.

Ghost Father Slot - Ghost Symbols Screenshot


These land on the playfield exclusively alongside the Ghost Symbols. There could be as many as 3 types of those:

  • Spades guarantee 3 extra FS
  • Hearts consistently increase the Wild multiplier from x1 up to x2, x3, x5
  • Diamonds activate the Ghost Rain feature


Collect 3 identical Boosters to take advantage of the corresponding award. If all 3 Boosters' functions are activated simultaneously, Wild Multiplier is applied within the current free spin to Ghost symbols' prizes only. Yet, during the following Free Spins, the newly Wild Multiplier will also be applied to wins gathered thanks to the prize sequences Wild took partaking in.

Ghost Father Slot -Boosters Screenshot

Ghost Rain

If this feature is triggered, a random number of extra Ghost symbols is placed on the play grid, and upon that, all their cash prizes are instantly gathered. There is even a chance to activate this function without Diamond Boosters collecting if the Wild symbol appears alone and there is no one Ghost symbol in view on the playfield.

Ghost Father Slot - Ghost Rain Screenshot

Buy Free Spins

To trigger a bonus game any moment you want, use this option to get a random number of Free Spins (7 — 12 FS), which will cost you x100 to the bet. Buy Random Free Spins RTP is 96.5%.

Ghost Father Slot - Buy Free Spins Feature

Golden Bet

This function, when enabled, allows you to utilize Wild alongside Ghost symbols within a base game, too. Respectively, the cash-collecting mechanics will be available. As long as this option is enabled, each spin will cost you an extra x0.5 to the current stake.

Ghost Father Slot - Golden Bet Feature

Our Experience Playing Ghost Father

We made 300 spins using the €1 stake and €200 deposit to make you a real example of what it's like to play this slot. We used a slot version with an RTP of 96.3%.


During the first hundred spins, we got no one bonus game. Yet, there were 17 regular wins in a broad range from €0.3 to €16.5. The most elongated pause between two consecutive wins was 19 spins. After the 100th spin, there was €139.1on the balance.


The 2nd hundred spins, at last, granted us a bonus FS game that earned as much as €30.8. Besides, there were 20 base game wins, the biggest of which amounted to €50. Again, the lengthiest period without any win amounted to 20 spins. After the 200th spin, we had as many as €163.9. This result turned out to be the best through the gaming session.


The last hundred spins didn’t please us with FS activating and delivered only regular wins in quantity of 17 (€0.4 - €12). As a result, upon the 300th spin, we had just €116.1 on our balance. Hence, we lost as much as €83.9.


Here are all the statistics about these 300 spins:

Min win 


Max win 


Total number of wins

54 (1 in 5.56 spins)

Wins that are lower than the bet 

36 (1 in 1.5 winning spins)

The lengthiest non-wins period


FS triggering

1 in 300 spins

Total win due to the Free Spins



As you can see from this table, throughout these 300 spins, we mostly gathered rare, although sometimes huge enough, base game wins up to even €50. For instance, twice, the pause between consecutive wins was approximately 20 spins. As demonstrated in the 2nd hundred spins, regularly activated FS rounds are well capable of compensating for balance decreasing and even granting the profit, but Free Spins triggering wasn't that frequent. As a result, we have achieved a long-awaited bonus game activation just once per as many as 300 spins. Let's assume we were just unlucky. So, you may be much luckier!

Ghost Father Verdict

So, it's a gamble with quite a straightforward base game but with a feature-infested bonus one. There is a Wild Multiplier up to x5, extra Ghosts symbols for prize-collecting, and additional Free Spins at your disposal. Moreover, two randomly triggering functions activate a profitable cash-gathering feature when there is no Wild or a Ghost symbol on the play grid. Therefore, this FS round is one of the best bonus games. Yet, FS hit frequency during our experiment appeared not that high.


Another drawback is the RTP value, which varies from 96.3% to 86%. It’s a huge gap, so beware. Also, the slot graphics may not seem the most engaging for someone. Nonetheless, a lucrative bonus game with a bunch of popular features may attract your attention, especially given a completely understandable temptation to try the Fortune in chasing for an x10,000 max prize.

Pros & cons
+‘Golden Bet’ allows Wilds and Ghosts symbols to be in a base game
+Bonus game with up to 12 starting FS
+Cash-collecting mechanics within the Bonus Game
+Free Spins’ Boosters for extra FS, Wild Multiplier, and additional Ghost symbols
+2 opportunities to collect cash prizes without Wild or Ghost symbols landing
+Max win is a solid amount of x10,000 to the bet
RTP ranges from 96.3% to 86%
Slot's design may not appeal to everyone
Not that frequent FS triggering
Cash Prizes are collectible only within FS if the Golden Bet option is disabled
Wilds are present only within Free Spins if the Golden Bet option is disabled


Can I play Ghost Father slot Free Demo?

Yes, absolutely anyone can play Ghost Father explore seamlessly with this free trial, no signup barriers. The no-cost preview mode permits you to have a go at the slot No genuine capital vulnerability and empowers detecting the full gamut of its characteristics.

Can I win real money on Ghost Father slot?

One must take cognizance that tangible cash prizes can only be procured while participating on the casino's real-currency or promotional balance-enabled verticals. Engaging with a sample account or feature disables the capability of acquiring authentic currency or experiencing any diminishment.

What is the RTP and Maximum Win of the Ghost Father slot?  

The Ghost Father slot comes with an RTP: 96.3%, 94%, 90.5%, 86%. The more positive the house edge for players, an increased likelihood of a successful spin. Your highest allowable payout is confined to x10000 of the bet, and the Risk is specified as High.

Can I play Ghost Father slot on mobile phone? 

Yes, you can initiate the Ghost Father slot on your mobile device as it employs HTML5 technology, which allows for sample play without the need for prior downloading.

What is the best place to play Ghost Father slot?

The premier place for pay-to-play gaming is a casino that is: +Licensed, +Applies fair terms, +Offers a Wide range of Payment Methods with +Fast Payouts, +Provides generous bonuses, +Offers round-the-clock player support. Use our casino ratings, and you won't have to analyze each casino separately.

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Symbol 265
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Symbol 267
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Symbol Wild
Symbol Scatter

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