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General Information

Game Type Skill Game
Provider Spribe
Release Date 13.01.2019
Volatility Low
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 19.06.2024

Bets & Wins Information

Min Bet Value 0.1 EUR
Max Bet Value 100 EUR
Max Win Value 0 EUR


Aviator Game Review

The Aviator game, designed by the world-renowned Spribe gambling provider, is one of the most sought-after titles of the popular crash genre. It is a so-called instant game that supplies an opportunity to win within every single round, which is an impossible challenge for any slot. On top of that, winning in each round is just a matter of a few seconds. Due to that, crash games are beloved by many, but the Aviator title occupies a special place in the hearts of players. Let’s explain why so many gambling aficionados are passionate about this game.

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Aviator General Characteristics

  • Low Volatility 
  • RTP: 97%
  • Min bet amount: 0.1 EUR — 100 EUR 

What is Aviator

Unlike video slots, Aviator is a multiplayer game, allowing multiple gamblers to partake in every round simultaneously. By the way, their maximum possible number isn't capped. All gamblers' attention is captured by a playing screen where just one element is presented — the propeller airplane that leaves behind the winning multiplier curve while jetting up. 


Before the plane takes off, each player has to make a bet, the minimum amount of which starts from €1. Once the round begins, the airplane could fly away at any random moment. If the one takes his bet back while the plane is in sight, its stake multiplies by the multiplier the curve currently reached. But all the bets that players didn't take back until the plane disappeared are defeated. So, as you can see, the gameplay rules are as simple as possible. Yet, there are some crucial details concerning the user interface we need to talk about.

Aviator in-game features

There are a few helpful features worth mentioning that have been integrated into this game.

Double betting 

Unlike many other gambles, you can place two bets simultaneously instead of just one in the Aviator game. It's up to you to make one or two bets at once. On top of that, here's a feature supplied that permits one to set a precise multiplier value upon reaching which to trigger taking the bet back automatically. Many utilize this function to not rely on their own speed of reaction, which here weighs a lot.

Live statistics

Another worthwhile feature is statistics for all the players partaking in the current round, highlighting their stake amount, win multiplier, and total win. Also, you can check out all your previous stakes during the current gaming session and learn the highest wins as of day, month, or year.

Online chat

The next notable feature we want to point out is chat, where you can talk to other fans of Aviator who are online to borrow experiences from seasoned punters or exchange jokes while playing. Also, an online casino may provide free bets through a live chat. So keep your finger on the pulse of this interactive channel to not miss good advice or an incentive bonus.

Provably Fair

Nicely, the Provably Fair technology is in this game, allowing you to not worry about its fairness. But even if doubts suddenly arise, there is a simple method to check the randomness of any round's result.


To enhance the comfortability of the playing process, you can toggle off the sound and plane animation. The latter may come in handy if, while using a mobile, there are issues with a smooth picturing experience because of a weak internet signal.

Aviator In-Game Features Screenshot

How to play Aviator

Here’s a quick rundown on how to start playing Aviator by applying a few simple steps:


  1. Pick an online venue that carries the Aviator gamble
  2. Register or authorize on the casino site
  3. Find the Aviator title and load the game
  4. Place a single or double bet before the new round starts
  5. Take your stake back before the plane flies away
  6. Play as many rounds as you want


Right guessing when it’s time to grab the stake back is the cornerstone of success while playing this sought-after game, but unfortunately for gamblers, it’s impossible to make only the right choices all the time. That is why so many players keen on Aviator prefer to employ one of those widespread amongst seasoned punters strategies that increase chances to gradually grow the game balance.

How much you can win in the Aviator game

The RTP value of this game is 97%, which is a bit higher than the average figure. Another beautiful thing about this game is that it hasn't winning limitations. By now, the highest win coefficient is an incredible x2,586,812.24 figure. Also, multiple lucky devils have succeeded in waiting when the win multiplier reaches over x100,000. So, here, in Aviator, it’s only up to your luck how many you manage to win, which is incredibly inspiring.

Win In The Aviator Game Screenshot

The best winning strategies for Aviator

Here are two widespread methods players employ to increase their chances of beating a casino while playing in the Aviator gamble.

Martingale system

This strategy relies on doubling the stake each time the player loses. So, theoretically, even several defeats in order will be covered by just one single win. Yet, the biggest drawback of this style of managing bets is the huge enough recommended size of your initial deposit since multiple losses in a row can skyrocket your stake amount, simultaneously drastically increasing the threat of total balance loss. Only a solid initial deposit can let you keep peace of mind while losses are one by one, allowing you to keep doubling the bet, waiting for the lucky time. Another crucial piece of advice is don't forget to reset the stake amount to the initial value upon winning with an increased bet wagered.

D’Alembert system

There is one more strategy similar to the previous one, except that you have to boost the stake amount upon each loss by adding an amount equal to the initial bet size. It decreases the risks of complete defeat in case of several losses in a row if a gambler has a relatively small balance to play. Of course, after each win with increased bet size, you should reset the stake amount to the starting value.


The only weakness of both strategies is the possibility of occurring a situation of multiple defeats in a row, which may quickly exhaust your current balance. But the Martingale system exposes the player to the risk of losing under such circumstances the most. For instance, when utilizing the Martingale system with €1 starting bet and €100 of the initial balance, just seven successive losses will make you lose. But even if you fund a bigger deposit, not much will change since the max bet cap in the Aviator game is €100. So, you will not be able to keep elevating the stake infinitely. 


Therefore, thoroughly consider the best suiting size of the base stake that will allow you to minimize risks of losing due to employing this system since, for instance, the €0.1 size of the initial stake will allow you to prolongate the way from 7 steps to 70, which seems a much more secure variant of exploiting popular strategy because it is hard to imagine that there is not a single win during such a period. On the other hand, unlike the Martingale system, the D’Alembert strategy is relatively safe and convenient, even when employing a €1 initial bet.

Our Experience Playing Aviator

We couldn’t get past the chance to test both strategies alluded to above. So, here are two distinct experiences to take advantage of while playing Aviator. We employed the initial stake of €1 each time, walking through 100 rounds with a single bet enabled. Every time, the total initial game balance was precisely €100. Within each test drive, we constantly got back the stake immediately upon the curve reaching the x2 win multiplier, using the automatic mode of taking off the bet. 

Martingale system

While we were employing this betting system, there were as many as a couple of times we faced high winning multipliers, such as x656 and x231,91. As for our results of utilizing this strategy, after as many as 100 rounds finished, we had €45 over the initial balance. Fortunately, we didn't have many consecutive defeats, which allowed us to successfully employ the system of stake doubling even without getting close to the €100 bet cap.

D’Alembert system

This strategy seems much low-risking compared to the Martingale one since after each loss, you just add another stake to the overall bet amount but do not double it. This bet managing system utilization followed us to the €42 of pure income after 100 rounds playing in Aviator.


Of course, there are many other strategies, but these two seem to be the most simple and reliable. As demonstrated by our little experiment, we were right. The only important thing we need to underline is that you shouldn't consider there are any strategies, including those alluded to above, that may guarantee you 100% success. It’s impossible since the Aviator gamble is random and unpredictable. But these systems can elevate your chances of beating a casino, which is a lot.

From where you can play Aviator

You can enjoy this brilliant gambling diversion from virtually any location on the globe:


  • United Kingdom
  • USA (depends on your state)
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Brazil
  • EU countries
  • African countries
  • North American countries


The only thing we want to note under the wire is that it is of utmost importance to play in Aviator employing a licensed online establishment so that you can be sure of its fairness toward withdrawing your possible winnings. 

Aviator Game Verdict

Despite many other crash games now being available, the Aviator game from the Spribe developer confidently holds the palm in the popular genre, successfully winning the hearts of millions of punters. There is a convenient bet range, unlimited win multiplier, and infinitу expanse to employ strategies for more winnings at your disposal.


Of course, we recommend picking reliable licensed online venues with generous bonus offers and convenient payment methods. You can find such venues to avoid unnecessary waste of your time right here, on our site. Just go to the 'Casinos' category in the head menu and select what you need.

Pros & cons
+100% mobile adaptability
+Laid the beginning of Aviator mechanics
+Huge winning potential
+Large RTP with low variance
+Much depends on you and your strategy
+Simple gameplay
+In-game chat and live betting
+Mobile adaptability
+‘Provably Fair’ innovative technology
+Comfortable minimum bet
+Win depends on your actions
+Uncapped winning multiplier
May seem difficult for a beginner
Can get boring quickly

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