Play Free Demo of 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop™ Slot by 4ThePlayer

Play Free Demo of 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop™ Slot by 4ThePlayer


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General Information

Game Type Slots
Provider 4ThePlayer
RTP 94%
Hit frequency N/A
Bonus / Freespins Frequency N/A
Reels 5
Lines 1024
Rows 4
Release Date 18.04.2023
Volatility Extreme
Versions PC, Mobile
Demo Play Yes
Branded No
Branded No
Last Updated 31.08.2023

Bets & Wins Information

Min Coin Value N/A
Max Coin Value N/A
Min Coins per Line N/A
Max Coins per Line N/A
Min Bet Value 0.2 EUR
Max Bet Value 100 EUR
Max Win Multiplier x5500
Max Win Value 500000 EUR

Symbols Information

Number of Symbols 10
Wild Symbol Yes
Scatter Symbol Yes
Mystery Symbol No
Bonus Symbol No
Multiplier Symbol No
Prize Symbol No

Jackpot Information

Progressive Jackpot Yes
Local Jackpot No

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Review

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop is the 4ThePlayer slot machine  where a game board path circles the 5x5 grid. A cart on the Gold Rush Trail is moved by scatter symbols, which can also give free spins or monetary payouts of up to 5,000x the bet. Also, you can get the Dream Drop Jackpot, which has a potential payout of 10 million Euros. You can possibly find the world's most vibrant mine in this game. Forget about the risky, unclean, and gloomy undergrounds. A game board with 32 places that have a lot of action packed frames the light-gray reels. Large caskets filled with gleaming gold are to the left, and a detonator and a casket of dynamites are to the right. A golden bird on a pole is perched above and flies around. Below the grid, in the center bottom location of the Gold Rush Trail, is where the game begins with a cart. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? Read more about what it has in store for us in our evaluation!

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop by 4ThePlayer Video Review

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop General Characteristics

  1. 1024 paylines
  2. 5 reels and 4 rows
  3. Extreme Volatility
  4. Return To Player: 94% in the jackpot version (includes 12% jackpot contribution), 96% in the non-jackpot version
  5. Bet Amount 0.2 - 100 EUR
  6. Maximum Win Multiplier x5,500
  7. Maximum Win Value 500,000 EUR
  8. 10 Main Symbols

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Bonus Features

Gold Rush Trail. A cutting-edge innovation that transforms the slot into a game board is the Gold Rush Trail. There are 2 Mystery Symbol locations, 4 Free Spins spots, and 4 Dream Drop spots among the 32 places that move around the five reels. The final 22 spots each have a prize-related number between 3x and 5000x. You begin the game with a wagon in the center of the lowest row on the third-numbered column. When the gold cart-shaped Scatter Symbol shows on the reels, any of the following will take place:

 - Move X. As indicated by the number, rotates the vehicle the specified number of times either clockwise or anticlockwise.

 - Collect. Before returning the cart to the trail's beginning, awards the payout for the area where it is currently located. Depending on where the trolley is positioned, you may get a Cash Prize between 3x and 5000x your original wager, Free Spins, the Dream Drop Jackpot Game, or a Mystery Prize. You can select one of three jewels from the Mystery Prize that will disclose any of the other acts listed.

 - Restart. Immediately moves to the start position and pays out the 3x wager reward.

 - Cash Prize. A monetary reward is given when you hit this symbol.

 - Dream Drop. Grants you the jackpot game.

Free Spins. This feature begins with 10 spins. One of the next 2 actions will be performed when a Scatter shows up:

 - Move + Pay. Moves to a new spot in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, and gives out that reward. The location of the cart is not changed by this move.

 - Cash Prize. A monetary reward is given when you hit this symbol

The Dream Drop trail's squares change into Free Spins symbols and grant between 5 and 10 additional turns.

Dream Drop Jackpot Game. The Gold Rush Trail or a Scatter Symbol can lead you to this feature. The titles of the jackpots are written in 18 spaces on a new game board. One reel that you get to turn shows a Move Symbol or a Collect Symbol. By selecting it, you can relocate the token and designate a different location. You continue rotating until you hit the Collect Symbol, at which point you win the Jackpot that is marked.

The jackpots are cumulative, they rise with each rotation of the reels until one of them is won and returned to its original value. They begin at:

Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, Mega are 1, 5, 100, 25,000, and 500,000 Euros respectively.

The Mega Jackpot can expand up to 10 million Euros before it is assured to be paid out, and the Major Jackpot will be paid out before it reaches 50,000 Euros.

Bonus Buy. The gambler can purchase two distinct features using the Bonus Buy. You can receive 10 free spins by wagering 100x the bet. A single turn of the Gold Rush Trail Mega Spins, which costs 150x the wager and ensures the landing of 5 Scatters, is another option. The path movement or any other Scatter Prize may be revealed by the first 4 Scatters, but the Collect Prize will always be awarded by the final Scatter. The path begins at the starting location and has no bearing on any advancements made in the main game.

Our Experience Playing 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop

When we started playing the game, we were presented with something fresh in terms of design, and liked what we saw very much. The country music that was used in similar slots added a nice touch to the overall atmosphere and made us smile a bit. We were interested to see if this game could compete with the market's growing popularity of slot machines witch such a theme. We therefore did not deviate from our normal practice and deposited 200 Euros, fixed the wager to 1, and gave this machine about 300 spins. There were hardly any rewards during the first 100 plays, making them a complete bust. We were beginning to feel as though we would prefer to be somewhere else. We persisted though, resolved to learn more about this slot.

The following 100 plays were a little more hopeful because we were able to enter the bonus round. Even though we did not win something out of the ordinary, we did win the substantial 124 Euros-paying Maxi Jackpot. Although we were feeling fairly upbeat at the moment, we were aware that we couldn't let our defenses down just yet. Then it took place. When we activated the Free Spins, it felt as though the skies had opened and were showering us with a little bit of riches. The two features that were employed during it helped us win roughly 75 times our original bet, and at that point, everything seemed to be going according to plan. As a result of our 114 Euro gain, things were going well. But then the worst happened. The last 100 plays were a complete failure. It seemed like we were unable to get any luck, and each turn was unsuccessful. Even though we were beginning to second-guess our choice to keep playing, we persisted until the very end. In the end, we took home 68 Euros and had an overall positive playthrough.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Verdict

The journey you take through this game can be exciting, like experiencing a rollercoaster. We discovered that the hard way when we encountered this game's high level of volatility. The innovative gameplay is something that you rarely find on the market, and we can say this game did a great job in achieving that. The bonus features are interesting, exciting, and have a great payout potential. The jackpot feature can award you a substantial amount of money, so it is for sure worth trying this game at least once. Good luck and have fun!

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